Probably among the most helpful items once it comes to stealth in DayZ is the Ghillie Suit.

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This cameo suit will store you hidden from other players.

Hone her sniper skills and store players confused as to who hit them.

Keep reading to uncover out what items you"ll need and also how to do a Ghillie Suit!

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How To make A Ghillie Suit

Full Ghillie Suit

You have the right to craft a complete Ghillie Suit v 10 Burlap Strips and also 4 Netting.

Get Burlap Strips by cutting a Burlap Sack with a knife or sharp object.

You can uncover the material greatly in sheds and also industrial buildings.

Netting have the right to be uncovered along the coast, either in or roughly boats.

Some that the area"s watercrafts can be uncovered in include:

RifyThree ValleysBerezhkiKrutoy CapOtmelDrakonKamyshovoBalota

Now you"ll want to handmade the Ghillie Suit, execute so through dragging the Burlap Strips top top the Netting inside your inventory, then select the alternative to make the suit.

Bear in mind girlfriend won"t be able to carry a backpack as soon as the fit is equipped.

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The items listed below will cover specific areas of the body whereas the suit covers everything:

Ghillie Top6 Burlap Strips and also 3 NettingOnly covers the upper bodyLegs still visibleGhillie Bushrag4 Burlap Strips and 2 NettingCovers shouldersCannot be worn v a backpackGhillie Hood2 Burlap Strips and 1 NettingCovers headGhillie pistol Wrap2 Burlap Strips and also 1 NettingConceals guns
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