To stack sticks you need to host 1 pole in your hands and also then float over another stick that's in her inventory and then press B.

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Oh geez. I’ve to be there.

Many items ridge in your inventory, like bandages (which yield a max stack dimension of six). So as soon as you ar the bandage(s) in your hand, she holding however many are in the stack.

Same uses to any kind of other items that deserve to stack.

Crafting usually entails combining 2 items by very first putting among them right into your hands. When an object is held, noþeles in her inventory that you to mark will likewise have the “combine” notice if it is “combineable”, i m sorry is B on Xbox IIRC.

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When you press B you’ll be taken out of the inventory screen where you will do it then actually craft the item, generally by stop RT. If there are multiple craft options, you deserve to cycle v the options, i beg your pardon (again IIRC) is normally tapping RT.

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I honestly, cannot seem to ridge items at all, hold A on stated item and put it on something else?

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You gotta integrate 3 small sticks through 6 rags, I recognize this because I rest my foot often