If you are seeking a technique of just how to apply the elastic band to her wig, this is the ideal tutorial because that you. Yet some of you might wonder: why carry out you need elastic band in her wig? Actually, elastic band is a an excellent option once you have actually a wig that does no fit her head properly. Install an elastic band deserve to make your wig to the right snugger to your head.

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For those who simply don’t choose to download wigs with glue, elastic band an approach is additionally here for you. This technique is suitable for both complete lace wig and also lace former wig.When you buy lace former wigs here at Wiggins Hair, we have actually three cap size options: small, medium, and large. You can check which dimension fits your head better.

What perform you have to prepare?

Your wig, elastic band, cut shears, needle and threads.


Detailed Tutorial: action by Step

1. Measure your head indigenous ear come ear. Take it oneend the the elastic band and also put the behind her ear, pull the elastic as tight together you can,and ar the other endright behind the other ear. The is the length you will certainly need, so cut that part from her elastic band.


2. Sew the edge of the tape to every side of your lace front. (Note: when you sew the elastic band, make certain you knot the finish of her thread so the the thread will stay).


3. Try on the wig, and change the wig to match the elastic band, so that it lays level on your nape.

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This elastic band method allows you come wear her lace former wig or full lace wig without using any kind of glue. This technique is very an easy to achieve, you just need elastic band, cutting shears, needle, threads and that’s all. If you have actually a pre plucked lace front wigs, the only work you left to perform is cutting the lace to complement your hairline. Climate you are great to go. If your wig has a larger cap dimension than your head, girlfriend can also use this method to readjust the cap dimension to fit your head better.

Have you ever before tried the elastic band method? utilizing elastic band or utilizing glue, i beg your pardon one execute you prefer as soon as wearing her wig? leaving a comment below to show your thoughts!