This little command modification allows you to do chairs where you deserve to sit on.▶ This command deserve to look a bit messy and complex but it isn"t! Each part of this command gives to our horse some various attributes and also I"m going to tell friend why I supplied each one of them.​In the very first part ("summon EntityHorse ~ ~-1.4~") we are specifying that we desire to summon a steed mob 1.4 block under the command block.After specifying the type of the mob and the place where to generate it, us are giving to it various attributes:- "CustomName:"Chair"" This little bit of the command gives a practice name to the horse. You have the right to avoid writing this component but you"ll require it come make easier the procedure of remove the horses. Using this command "/kill

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e" you"ll be able to kill all horses used to make chairs around the world.- "Type:0,Variant:7" mentions the form and different of ours horse. Due to the fact that the form number is zero, we space summoning a normal steed instead a cheat or mule. There space different varieties of horses: black, white, v dots etc. Yet we room using the variant number 7 which provides the horse have no structure making him difficult to see.- "Name:generic.maxHealth,Base:1" This little of the command provides the equine spawn with just 1 health and wellness point. We"re act this so when you "ride" the horse, you don"t see its health bar texture.​- "Invulnerable:1,Rotation:<180f,0f>,NoAI:1,Silent:1" with this three features we"re do the equine invulnerable to neighboring hazards. We"re additionally making that silent and "brainless" so he doesn"t move. When a steed (or any kind of mob) has actually not AI, that is not impacted by gravity. By transforming the rotation level of a equine we can make it confront in different directions. Use rotations that 90, 180, 270 and also 360 (or 0) degrees.​- "ActiveEffects:" lastly with this little of the command we are offering to the steed an invisibility effect.

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We already made that invisible yet giving to it one invisibility effect, makes its surname tag invisible. If the horse has the variant of 7 yet no invisibility impact you deserve to see its surname while looking at it even if the human body is invisible.


/summon EntityHorse ~ ~-2.4~ CustomName:"CHAIR",Type:0,Variant:7,Attributes:,Invulnerable:1,Rotation:<180f,0f>,NoAI:1,Silent:1,ActiveEffects: