I to be a begginer with neurosoup.org and also I was wondering exactly how to do a window for a building, so girlfriend look threw it and see the inside of the store/house. You re welcome help!!!

HolBol · Dec 28, 2010 in ~ 11:10 to be 0

I see this is one oldish thread yet someone else might still require the answer, ns made a glass product by importing a basic blinn product at 50% transparency indigenous Maya and imported it as a asset right into neurosoup.org. This way I could apply it to any kind of shape and control the reflectivity, colour and also trarency. Functions a law , hope this helps someone


you might use a aircraft and have a structure on it that supplies a transparent shader and also make her texture have some scratches and also stuff together details to do it look more real, ns sorry if that is not an easy enough explanation for you since i to be a beginning of the person too. For this reason it can be a tiny confusing, simply reply come this comment if you have any kind of questions.

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EDIT: likewise if friend want aid on a live chat, download an irc client and if you want i can give you some details to the neurosoup.org3d chat and also how to accessibility it, there space heaps of human being that will assist you virtually instantly if they recognize the answer

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Answer by Krynn ·Oct 23, 2010 in ~ 01:38 pm

In photoshop girlfriend get picture of a window (or produce one), and create one alpha mask top top it. Transparent components (glass) have to be painted over grey (semi-transparent). Paint the structure white. :)

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Answer by archaismic ·Mar 16, 2013 at 10:06 pm

try this


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