How to address Your Slippery Outdoor wood Stairs

Do you need an efficient method to make your wood steps less slippery? If you have an the end staircase, it more than likely gets grimy and also slick whenever there’s rain. Ice and snow make for an even worse safety and security issue. There is, however, a solution to avoid injury that may take place from the slippery stairs. Let’s take it a look:

The services of wooden stairs space numerous. They room straightforward to clean and give your home an yes, really look. Contemporary wood steps made from cure lumber additionally hold up yes, really well outdoors. Once they obtain slimy from rain though, they pose a significant risk that provides them really dangerous. A slippery the end surface may make friend slip and also fall, due to less traction and also grit.

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It would be best to have an efficient means to make our actions safer and also convenient year-round, due to the fact that we use them everyday. You can choose any option you feel is ideal for you, as we’ve listed several choices below for anyone inclined in the direction of DIY home improvements. If you’re right here for a fast and effective equipment that doesn’t require carpentry skills, inspect out the Traxion product we designed simply for this problem:


Traxion deserve to be installed by just about anyone in a few minutes. Click below to Order.Getting Started:

You deserve to start by simply enhancing your stairway traction through carpet strips or anti-slip adhesive treads because that stairs. You can also apply coats of paint to the stairs that room anti-slip and will keep you safer. Simply keep in mind that the paint will have to be reapplied every couple of years.

These non-slip coatings have to make your stair surface ar rough, providing it more traction and ensuring you may not slip when the surface has actually standing water or snow. Girlfriend can additionally put handrails to assist you relocate on the procedures if they aren’t already present. Appropriate railing is usually compelled in local building codes and it’s an important that yours room sturdy and in great condition. Your hand’s assistance will aid you remain stable when and also if you execute slip. When you build your home, for sure you obtain a experienced builder who has the knowledge and experience to develop your stairs. There’s a standard means to build stairs that space safer and efficient for everyone, so action one is making certain you rental a reliable builder.

Below girlfriend will discover several other techniques to aid you do your measures safer. The products you choose may count on your choice and accessibility in her location. If you have actually trouble finding something nearby, save in mind that our Traxion product is a turnkey solution that ships to all 50 States.

Stay more secure by using these concepts.

Install Carpet to your Outdoor Stairs

It’s the many popular technique people usage to make their outdoor wooden steps less slippery. Carpets designed because that exterior use are among the an ext common solutions people use around boat launches. It deserve to be attached come the wood steps easily with the 2 methods explained below. However, this solution likewise comes with number of disadvantages. Because that one, it’s probably going to fade and wear out conveniently on a clear deck or patio. Another issue especially important because that those looking for a naval solution is the propensity to retain moisture and also rot the underlying boards. The Traxion product stays clear of those issues and actually helps to safeguard the surface of your deck. It’s made of a extremely UV-resistant and durable plastic the leaves an are underneath therefore the decking deserve to dry out rapidly.

You can choose any type of of the following two alternatives if you want to download a carpet to rise grit.

Stair Runners

As the surname suggests, these space carpets that operation throughout her stairs. They only cover some component of the measures leaving the other component bare. Stairs v stair runners look an extremely authentic and breathtaking.

The stairs runners additionally reduce noise and also ensure her outdoor steps are much less slippery whenever rain falls on them. They likewise maintain the architecture of your stairs. Girlfriend may uncover washing them really cumbersome though. Friend will likewise need to change them after part time because of wear and tear, especially on the edges.

Carpet stairs Treads

You can use carpet stair treads as other options for installation carpets. Castle come in individual piece so the you can place castle on different stairs as soon as decking. They space straightforward to use because you only need to put lock on the component you step on. However, if they peel up from the stair end time, it have the right to actually current a tripping hazard, which is yet an additional reason why it’s finest to use a product designed especially for this purpose choose Traxion.

Here is a overview on how you deserve to install her carpet stair tread on your deck.

Ensure all the actions are clean and also dry.Measure the stairs to give you the correct dimension to location your carpet at the facility of eachUse carpet ice cream to close the carpets on the steps. Girlfriend can likewise use non-skid rugs for this activity.Place down and press them gently till they room well fixed.Now use a clip gun through weather resistant staples come secure the carpet further.Be sure to staple as close come the leaf of the carpet as possible.

These carpet treads space inexpensive, and you can also use strips leftover indigenous a past project if you have any. You can also clean lock easily and also remove them if needed.

Anti-Slip Adhesive stairs Treads

These are largely used in commercial buildings. Castle look prefer thick black color grip tape that avoids slipping on slippery floors. It would certainly be best to customize the shade with the look at of her house. If you mix colors, her house’s curb appeal might suffer.

There room several products made by manufacturers that you can use together anti-slip adhesive treads for residential deck stairs. They space effortless to install. The process involves rolling them end the stairs and also ensuring the difficult sides touch wood.

They prevent slipping by adding roughness on indoor and also outdoor stairs. Their texture is rough to give enough friction come walk ~ above them without a slip brought about by wet or icy conditions. Some assets are transparent, and also you might not also recognize them. However, the product on these may not stand up to the elements for much more than a year or two and also may require frequent replacement.


Be certain your shoes have plenty of tread left top top them also and constantly keep security first!!!

Anti-Slip Floor Finish

It’s a liquid paint solution the you placed on your lumber stairs to do them safe and non-slippery. We currently discussed the pros and also cons the this choice a tiny but above, yet let’s look closer at exactly how these commodities are made. They are obtainable in the kind of repaint or a transparent clean coating that you deserve to put on her stairs. The layer has actually tiny corpuscle that will stick to the surface, make it unstable to carry out grit and friction.

Most homeowners favor using this kind of product because it is simple to spray on and also does not permanently transform the home’s appearance. They can be confusing though and if you’re trying to find a equipment that walk not alter your home, the Traxion architecture might occupational out simply as well. Our product provides 6 deck screws the you’ll hardly notice if you perform decide to remove them for some reason.

As we currently mentioned, you’ll have to replace this paint coat over time. The small sand particles wear out, and also your timber surfaces may be smooth again, making it dangerous and slippery. It will keep you safe as long as the particles room present, however it simply seems like a most work to keep reapplying spray paint every season. You can save time by ordering Traxion today because it will certainly last because that years to come.

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Slips may cause serious injuries such as broken bones or arms. In some cases, these mishaps and injuries have actually led to deaths. That’s why we recommend Traxion to store you and also your family members safe indigenous slippery wooden stairs approximately the home, lakehouse, or all over else you’re involved about. Keep safe by preventing slippery outdoor exterior wooden actions with Traxion. The takes minutes to download DIY and offers superior grip and texture.