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I have several old .22s that space not right now fitted through scopes and none that them room drilled because that mounts nor perform they have any type of mounting rails. Space there any kind of ring form clamps (shaped like the number 8) that would certainly clamp approximately the barrel and then clamp around the scope?The following question is what would certainly be an entry level scope precious buying because that plinking?Funds limited... Two kids in college.
I"ve read around using JB weld or loctite to organize weaver bases top top old rifles. I have a old Rem 550 and also bases yet not tried loctite or JB weld. Have actually to shot it as soon as it warms up a little.

im thinking you might get a welder the knows exactly how to braze and let the braze you a scope mountain rail on her .22"s thats the finest i have the right to think of.
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I have actually a Mossberg 44US through a border base ns bought native Havlin Sales the I placed on v JB Weld. The very first time it ended up crooked so ns took it off through a heat gun & re-mounted it. It has been bumped number of times & is quiet solid

I"m constantly trigger happy
once top top a time you might take the rifle come your local gunsmith and they enclosed the mount to the side of a receiver,it had to it is in drilled and tapped.i havent seen any kind of mounts choose that in countless many years.if the is one older pistol you have to keep it stock to be precious anything,if its an old cheapy then offer it and buy a contemporary 22 through the mounts.i have put a lot more money in several of my firearms that they were worth,but ns did the occupational myself and also it to be really much more time than money.i am qualified of doing numerous things a gunsmith would do but........i have actually been functioning on guns over fifty years.i carry out not suggest you try drilling and also tapping her self. Old semperfi
Have a gunsmith drill and tap the reciever for global weaver bases. JB weld might hold because that a while, but will eventually break off, and also you have the an obstacle of maintaining the mountain centered and square while the sets. Loc tite just works v screws, it no bond well sufficient to host by itsself.A kind entry level scope because that a .22 would certainly be just around any cenetrpoint or tasco scope indigenous walmart. Prolly discover a nice one for roughly 40 bucks through rings..
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What JLA said +1.. The isn"t that tough to drill and tap right into the receiver. There are some side mount lptions the end there however they are limited. Most basic thing is to take it it come a gunsmith, it will probably cost you about $75 come $100 bucks to have it done, but it will be done right and also straight. The does not encompass the cost for a rail which you will need. I will make a suggestion in that to obtain a ruger 10/22 rail together they come v both widths because that mounting rings. All the loctite and glue ingredient doesn"t last.
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I have actually glued on lots of scopes and also sights v Gorrila glue combined with graphite.. Use a thin layer, the glue broadens a lot. This expansion enables you to usage a flat base ~ above a bent receiver. I have used level steel because that a basic or scope bases. Ns have had actually no trouble v the glue holding and it comes turn off if needed.The polyurethane glues , like Gorrila, i think are much more resistant come heat and vibration than epoxies and also they increase to fill the spaces if the components don"t specifically match, favor the 12 gauge rib ns glued ~ above a 20 gauge solitary barrel. Sometimes Bubba rules.
Old semperfi=" if the is an older total you have to keep it stock to be worth anything,if its an old cheapy then sell it and also buy a modern 22 through the mounts"+1sounds favor you"ll have much more into the gunsmith than what they"re worth; unless there"s some sentimental value
I have actually several old .22s that are not currently fitted with scopes and also none that them room drilled for mounts nor execute they have any type of mounting rails. Space there any kind of ring form clamps (shaped like the number 8) that would clamp around the barrel and also then clamp roughly the scope?The following question is what would be an entry level scope worth buying for plinking?Funds limited... Two children in college.
depends ~ above what you can do yourself,,, a lil "******* enginueity" and a great hacksaw and paper (sometimes a hammer tooo) just need to think the difficulty thru,, have done this type of point for a couple friends,,(they purchase the steak and beer) maynot always look pretty however if it functions !!! among them the guy also took the parts (aluminum) and also had them tough black anodized cost him twice the price of the gun,, however he was happpy,, and also had a couple people at the selection wanting come buy that from him,,, relies on what you room willing to try and be happy with,,, ( save,save, and also DONT tell momma about your stash hidden in the bottom of your toolbox)
Old semperfi=" if it is an older total you should keep it stock to be precious anything,if its an old cheapy then sell it and buy a modern 22 through the mounts"+1sounds favor you"ll have much more into the gunsmith 보다 what they"re worth; uneven there"s part sentimental value
If this is the just gun lock have and not able to buy a more recent one then the price of a gunsmith to drill and tap it because that a limit mount will be much less than a new gun. I definitely wouldnt shot JB Weld or gluing a scope mountain on for reasons mentioned above.
As claimed above, if the guns mean anything to you and you arrangement to keep itthem, take it come a great gunsmith and let them drill and also tap because that a weaver layout base mount.JB weld or any type of other technique like that isnt the answer for mounting a scope come a rifle.
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As claimed above, if the weapons mean anything come you and also you plan to store itthem, take it it come a great gunsmith and let castle drill and tap because that a weaver layout base mount.JB weld or any type of other an approach like the isnt the answer because that mounting a scope to a rifle.
I agree through Zane, ns took mine old Remington 512 .22 rifle, that I"ve had because I was 10 y.o., and also had my regional & reliable gunsmith drill & insanity the receiver because that a set of Weaver limit Bases developed for my rifle. He charged me $60 OTD because that the work including mounting the bases and I to buy the bases on-line for roughly $10 delivered. I installed a zeroed my own scope.It"s been fantastic decision as I"m maybe to accomplish those pretty nickle sized groups again in ~ 50 yards through my trusty old rifle. The rifle will never ever leave my family members so ns wasn"t concerned around losing value to the rifle by including the scope. Mine Dad to buy the gun new for roughly $12.50 once he was in high school.

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Fine spring Rifle Snakedriver. I"ve got my Dad"s old Nylon 66 that i "basically" rebuilt a couple of years ago. Ns was wanting and also did mountain a limit on it, together it already had the dovetail constructed into the reciever cover, yet just have the right to keep in zeroed in?The method the reciever covering is made, I"m thinking it"s just to sights now.Just my eyes not as good as the offered to be and cant see open sights out previous 20+ yards.
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