mov dl,"A" ; print "A"mov ah,2int 21hTo publish the integer value, you"ll have to write a loop come decompose the integer to individual characters. If you"re okay with printing the value in hex, this is quite trivial.

If you can"t depend on DOS services, you might additionally be may be to use the BIOS int 10h v AL collection to 0Eh or 0Ah.

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Assembly language has no direct way of to press anything. Your assembler may or might not come v a library that supplies such a facility, otherwise you have to write it yourself, and also it will certainly be quite a complex function. You additionally have come decide where to publish things - in a window, on the printer? In assembler, no one of this is done because that you.

DOS publish 32 little bit value save on computer in EAX v hexadecimal output (for 80386+)(on 64 little bit OS usage DOSBOX)

.code mov ax,

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DATA ; acquire the address of the data segment mov ds,ax ; keep the address in the data segment register;----------------------- mov eax,0FFFFFFFFh ; 32 little value (0 - FFFFFFFF) for example;-----------------------; transform the worth in EAX to hexadecimal ASCIIs;----------------------- mov di,OFFSET ASCII ; get the offset resolve mov cl,8 ; number of ASCIIP1: rol eax,4 ; 1 Nibble (start with highest possible byte) mov bl,al and also bl,0Fh ; just low-Nibble add bl,30h ; convert to ASCII cmp bl,39h ; over 9? jna quick P2 include bl,7 ; "A" to "F"P2: mov ,bl ; store ASCII in buffer inc di ; increase target address dec cl ; decrease loop respond to jnz P1 ; run if cl is no equal 0 (zeroflag is not set);-----------------------; publish string;----------------------- mov dx,OFFSET ASCII ; DOS 1+ compose STRING TO standard OUTPUT mov ah,9 ; DS:DX->"$"-terminated wire int 21h ; possibly redirected under DOS 2+ for calculation to record ; (using pipe character">") or calculation to printer ; end program....dataASCII DB "00000000",0Dh,0Ah,"$" ; buffer because that ASCII stringAlternative wire output straight to the videobuffer there is no using software interupts:

;-----------------------; publish string;----------------------- mov ax,0B800h ; segment attend to of textmode video buffer mov es,ax ; store address in extra segment it is registered mov si,OFFSET ASCII ; obtain the offset attend to of the string; using a resolved target address for instance (screen web page 0); Position`on display screen = (Line_number*80*2) + (Row_number*2) mov di,(10*80*2)+(10*2) mov cl,8 ; number of ASCII cld ; clear direction flagP3: lodsb ; gain the ASCII from the attend to in DS:SI + boost si stosb ; write ASCII directly to the screen using ES:DI + boost di in ~ di ; step over attribut byte dec cl ; decrease counter jnz P3 ; repeat (print only 8 ASCII, not used bytes are: 0Dh,0Ah,"$"); Hint: this straight output to the display screen do not touch or move the cursor; however feel complimentary to modify..