The Best Wigs to Wear in Summer

No one wants to wear their hair down during a heatwave, however mastering summertime wig updos have the right to be tricky.

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Anyone that has actually tried to put their wig in a ponytail and also developed a bulky, everyone-can-definitely-tell-I’m-wearing-a-wig-right-currently look knows what we’re talking about.

But just because wig updos are tricky, that doesn’t mean they aren"t worth the initiative. You’ll be a whole lot happier this summer via your wig hair up off your neck fairly than having it stick to your ago.

With the begin of summer simply a few short weeks away, it’s time to memorize our 5 Commandments of Summertime Wig Styles and begin practicing among our three recommfinished summertime wig looks.


The 5 Commandments of Summertime Wig Styles

#1 Thou Shalt Only Layout Your Wig When It is COMPLETELY Dry

There’s a factor you dip your wig in a water bath as soon as you’re washing it. Your showerhead or faucet would certainly put too a lot push on your wig cap, causing it to rip or snag.

Washing your wig is critical when it gets hot out because sweat builds up in wig fibers. Just make sure you’re waiting to style it till your wig has actually had actually time to dry, so you don’t accidentally rip out strands while you’re styling it.


#2 Thou Shalt Secure Your Wig With a Chin Strap Before Styling

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to style your wig and also it keeps sliding all over the area, or you’re holding your wig with one hand also and also trying to style it via the various other.

Well, females, there’s a much better means.

Chin straps are designed to keep your wig in area while you style your wig so that you deserve to usage both hands to finish your look.

No slipping, no ripping, simply a funny little bit chin strap you have the right to laugh at once you’re looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror.



#3 Thou Shalt Layout Your Wig With a Wig Brush

We can’t tell you the variety of times someone has called us bereason they provided a hairbrush designed for huguy hair on their wig and ripped the wig.

Wig brushes are made to be additional gentle on wig hair, simply make sure you’re buying the appropriate wig brush for your wig type.

Person hair wig wearers should go for a boar bristle brush, like the Mason Pearsons that are forever before on our Christmas lists...

Synthetic wig and heat-friendly artificial wig wearers have to usage a wig brush prefer the Wig Brush by Envy.

NOTE: If you have a curly wig, you must usage your fingers or a pic comb to brush out your wig regardless of the kind of wig fiber.


#4 Thou Shalt Only Use Wig Styling Products on Your Wig

The same rules apply to styling assets as brushes.

Human being hair styling commodities just weren’t made for wigs (yes, even humale hair wigs). You can’t do the type of aggressive rinsing to your wig that you deserve to with organic hair, so standard commodities will certainly construct up in your wig. Not only that, yet the harsh chemicals in standard styling products can degrade the wig fiber, resulting in your wig to break down well before it’s time.

Make certain you"re making use of wig styling assets to maintain the longevity of your wigs.


#5 When It is Too Hot to Be Outside for Longer Than the Walk to Your Air Conditioned Vehicle, Thou Shalt Wear a Scarf Instead of a Wig

Why bother styling your wig as soon as that style is just going to fall apart?

Every womale knows that as soon as it’s hot out her style simply won’t host, no issue exactly how much wig establishing spray she supplies.

Besides, wearing a wig in a heatwave is the exact same as wearing a hefty hat: you will certainly overheat.

A silk scarf is a stylish choice that deserve to wear in place of a wig when temperatures are high. Not only will certainly a scarf keep your head cooler, however you don’t need to style it.



DIY Summertime Wig Styles

French Braids

French braids are a good option for woguys who wear tool to lengthy size wigs. They don’t need pulling your hair straight ago off of your head, so you won’t have to concern around your wig cap being visible.

How to Placed Your Wig in a French Braid

Step 1: Separate your wig hair right into 2 sections, optimal and also bottom fifty percent.

Step 2: Divide the peak fifty percent into three equally sized pieces. Hold the best item in your right hand, the left piece in your left hand also, and also the middle item between your thumb and any type of various other finger of either hand.

Step 3: Cross the appropriate piece over the middle piece, then repeat the same move via the left piece. Don’t pull the sections also tightly as it can cause your cap to rip or sections of hair to pull out. You’re going for a loosened french braid.

Tip 4: Repeat step 3, adding tiny pieces of hair to the best and left pieces as you go. The pieces of hair you include have to all be approximately the exact same dimension. Otherwise, your brassist will look lopsided.

Step 5: Secure the braid through an elastic band at the bottom (plastic see-thru bands work the finest as they’re leastern visible) and also collection the brhelp with some wig hairspray.




We’ve all heard the rumor: “You can’t wear your wig in a ponytail.”

Want to hear an enigma around the human being spreading that rumor? They’re woguys that simply don’t recognize exactly how to put their wigs right into a ponytail.

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There are some wig ponytail guidelines you should follow to attain this white whale of an upexecute, yet if you follow them, you’ll have actually the timeless I-put-a-lot-of-effort-into-this-ponytail-but-don’t-want-it-to-look-like-I-did ponytail down.