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just how to Swap the sim Card in a Samsung Galaxy S6

The center card tray is situated under the power switch on the best side that the S6. Make sure your call is rotate off before you open up it:

use the Samsung Galaxy S6 Ejection pen

New Samsung Galaxy S6 gadgets come packaged v an ejection pin for the center card tray. Insert the ejection pin into the small hole alongside the sim tray slot to make it popular music open.

remove the sim Card Tray

Gently pull on the edges of the tray to remove the sim card from your Galaxy S6.

eliminate the Old center Card and also Place the new One on the Tray

Note the form of the tray to number out how to place your new card. One of the corners should have actually a diagonal line pattern that matches the slant on her card. The name and brand on the card should be encountering up, and the gold contact points should be facing downward.


Unlike theGalaxy S5, Galaxy S6 devices are not waterproof, for this reason the center card deserve to be damaged if your phone it s okay wet.

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how to Swap the center Card in a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Changing the center card top top the Samsung Galaxy S6 leaf is essentially the same process. The only difference is the place of the sim card tray, i m sorry is top top the top-left side of the call (when regarded from the front). Make certain your phone call is it is provided off before you begin.