Snapchat has solved among the most annoying problems with mobile video so you can finally record her dance parties, even if you’re the DJ.

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The startup been exploring for part time with methods to better integrate music into its application. This particular day it’s launching a brand-new feature that permits you come record video while play music from your phone, quite than the music pausing. You deserve to bump jams native iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, or any type of other app while recording.

The feature has simply rolled the end to iOS through the release of Snapchat variation 9.2.0, yet has however to show up in the Android version held now on Google Play.

If you want to see just how it works and hear my small review, examine out mine demo on Snapchat story by following “JoshConstine” or pointing your Snapchat in ~ this Snaptag QR code. Send me your ideal music snaps.

Snapchat records the music at a very high volume that functions fine if you’re no saying anything. Yet if you want to talk right into the camera, you’ll have to shout.

The capacity to produce musical breaks without a second audio maker will provide extra creative flexibility to the growing ecosystem that star content creators ~ above Snapchat Stories.

It is a small fishy the the feature comes soon after Snapchat shut turn off sharing from the music video clip app Mindie, which let users pick a song as a soundtrack, climate shoot an accompanying personal video that can then be shared to various other social networks. Snapchat quote its security plan as the reason for cut off access from Mindie at the time of its removal previously this month, and even reset the passwords the those who had offered Mindie your credentials.

The music plus video clip features gives Snapchat a leg up over competing video apps favor Vine, because that example. The inability to record video clip while play music has actually been the bane of countless Viners and also amateur videographers. The iPhone’s default video clip camera, Vine, and other apps will pause music as quickly as you begin recording.

While seemingly a minor addition, support for breaks that include music play from users’ very own phones can pave the method for Snapchat’s grander to plan in the music space further down the road. The firm has, therefore far, shown a keen interest in make music a deeper component of the Snapchat suffer – and also that’s other that also likely resonates through the younger demography that offers the application most often.


In the past, Snapchat has experimented with fostering music by featuring artists favor Goldroom, Vance Joy and Strange talk in that is promos, which, in part cases, enabled users come tap v to the iTunes keep to purchase the track when the video clip promo ended.

And in emails leaked via the Sony hack, it was unveiled that Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel had actually been actively discussing means to do Snapchat a far better tool for fostering artists, and even toyed with the ideal of to run its very own label. Much more recently, it’s been rumored the the agency is looking come buy Taylor Swift’s label, large Machine, according to the new York Post.

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But now you’ll be able to easily record your own videos v soundtracks. Get ready for a lotttt the karaoke Snaps.