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I have actually a 2013 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab. Within the center console/armrest there is a USB port that permits me to manage my iPod through the stereo. Ns recently had actually my iPod connected and also accidentally tossed other in there and it smacked the USB cable whereby it plugs in come the USB port and also broke the port, for this reason I should replace it. The component is only about $17, however will take about an hour to change at the dealer, due to the fact that you have to take the center console personally to perform it. Ns really don"t want to pay your labor rates to replace a $17 dissension part. Just how do i remove/disassemble the facility console to obtain to the USB port to replace it? i can"t discover anything top top the interwebs on exactly how to take that apart.
Order the brand-new part. Once you get it you will certainly see how it installs. I believed that they just pushed with from the front. Should be 4 bolts the go onto the exact same brackets as the seat. Should have the ability to remove those a just lift the up sufficient to reach under and accessibility the cable connector.

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The bucket may also come out too, not sure, however see what will come out and also if that offers you any type of access.
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