Can anyone offer me the pros and also cons of stripping mine aluminum wheels and also going through a polished raw metal? I"m yes, really unhappy through the manufacturing facility finish on the OEM 20" polished aluminum wheels on mine Lincoln MKT. The looks prefer the wheels were thouroughly scuffed therefore the clear would certainly adhere or something. It has a really dull look.So, I"m considering stripping off the clean coat and having a true polished aluminum. But, I"m gun-shy. This appears pretty drastic and also I"ve never cared because that wheels without a clean coat. Will certainly I it is in sorry?I assume that if I obtain it stripped and polished come a high shine that ns won"t be able to apply a brand-new clear coat? that it wouldn"t adhere??
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My thoughts, is that worth all the effort of stripping off the clean coat.Is it not an simpler option to change the wheels? perhaps with aftermarket fairly than OEM wheels?Just a thought.

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I don"t think stripping the clear will certainly be that bad. I"m hoping I have the right to do it v a wet-sand. My arrangement would it is in wet sand through 400, climate 800, climate 2000. Climate a rubbing compound, swirl remover, and also fine polish.The wheels are mostly vast flat surfaces. Ns hope the I might do 1 wheel in 2 or 3 hours. For this reason yes, 8 - 12 hrs would be ok v me. I expect I might investigate just how much I have the right to sell the OEM rims for and also then what the cost of brand-new would be.
Any wheel that is clearcoated these days was done through electrostatic powder coating. It is lot thicker than pant and of a much tougher material. Several of it is favor a nylon, or polyethelyne material. Really tough. Sorry to to speak the only way you"ll acquire it turn off is to have them media blasted, however then of course the machined or polished complete will it is in lost.
While possibly a do-it-yourself project, it"s walking to it is in a ton of occupational to obtain a uniform appearance without some committed equipment to perform it all correctly and also uniformly. Plus, as soon as you eliminate the clear and bring the bare metal up come a really high shine, upkeep is walk to it is in a pain on a day-to-day driver. Bare aluminum is pretty delicate - straightforward to stain, easy to dull down, easy to perform all type of negative things to, but hard to save looking good. You might want to perform some Google searching for a wheel refinishing ar near you and also go talk to them around some options.
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I have stripped manufacturing facility Toyota wheels (Not any type of Lincoln yet)with aircraft stripper and a 2" brush. Climate I had them polished and re powder coated clear, friend will need to search for a place that will certainly clear without a media blast of part sort. That looked alot much better than original. I would not operation them there is no re clearing them. The factory aluminum because that some reason does not host up well at all. If you for certain dont favor them, go ahead and go for it, The worst situation is you run them polished. An excellent luck.
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