As you usage your auto every day, that is based on stress, which reasons wear and tear to its components. While there are many parts that can be damaged v time, one worth noting is the oil cooler line. When it fails, the won’t be able to regulate oil temperature. This can reason the oil to breakdown and will certainly negatively impact the method your vehicle performs.

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An oil cooler line connects the oil filter come the radiator. It can be at risk to various external problems, such together dents and also corrosion. In ~ one point, you need to have it changed to store it working at that is best. The being said, if you desire to know exactly how to change an oil cooler line, store on analysis the remainder of this post and also learn from the insights that I will be sharing.

How to replace an Oil Cooler Line: A rapid Guide because that Beginners
What friend Will must Follow this Tutorial
Step-by-Step guide on how to replace an Oil Cooler Line
1. Jack up your Vehicle
2. Remove the Oil Cooler Line
3. Drainpipe Excess Oil
4. Compare the Oil Cooler Line
5. Check the Seals
6. Install the new Oil Cooler Line
Pro Tips

What friend Will have to Follow this Tutorial

Before girlfriend start, prepare the materials that will certainly be needed for the task. The good news is the these products are pretty much simple and available in her toolbox, other than for the replacement oil cooler heat to what you will remove.

New oil cooler lineJack standWheel chockRatchet/wrenchOil pan

Step-by-Step guide on just how to replace an Oil Cooler Line

Once you have actually gathered the products that space needed, follow the measures that will certainly be pointed out below. Together you will certainly realize, the instructions room pretty much straightforward and easy for anyone to follow. Prior to you store on reading, watch the short video clip below for a visual overview to what needs to be done:

1.Jack up your Vehicle

The very first thing that you have to do is come park the vehicle on an also surface and also jack it up. You require to accessibility the hood once removing and also replacing the oil cooler line. Make certain to find a location where the surface ar is stable, i beg your pardon is important for your safety. That should also have the lighting that you need to be able to work properly.

If you desire to it is in safer, it will certainly be best to likewise use wheel chocks. This will certainly lock the wheel and prevent that from rolling while you space working underneath.

2.Remove the Oil Cooler Line

Once the car is already in a set position, girlfriend should locate the oil cooler currently in the hood. After that is located, start having actually it removed. Take it out from the point where the is associated to the engine. Usage a ratchet or a wrench to remove the bolts that serve as the connector that the oil cooler line. Loosen and unplug.

After removing that from under the car, eliminate the one from the top. Loosen the bolts that connect the line. Wiggle and pull it the end slowly.

3.Drain excess Oil

After you have actually removed the oil cooler line, the following thing that you need to do is come remove any type of excess oil. It will certainly drip indigenous underneath, so carry out not forget to location an oil pan to catch the drippings. You can end up through a chaos if you execute not have actually a pan to catch the excess oil.

4.Compare the Oil Cooler Line

Before place the new oil cooler line, have it contrasted with the old one. Make certain that they have the exact same shape and length. The is essential to have actually the same architecture so the you deserve to mount the in its initial position. That must likewise have the forced bends to have the clearance that is essential to complete its assembly.

5.Check the Seals

Seals room important since they will stop leaking and also make certain that the lines will be tight and secured. The seals have the right to exist in various forms, such together gaskets and O-rings, among others. If they are not consisted of in the replacement oil cooler lines, you will need to purchase lock separately.

6.Install the new Oil Cooler Line

At this point, you have to be prepared for the environment of the instead of oil cooler line. First, install the new line on the next of the oil cooler. When you room done, download it ~ above the engine side. View to it that the nuts or bolts will be tight. Otherwise, you might end up experiencing from leaks. Reinstall every one of the mounting brackets.

Pro Tips


In this section, we will carry out you through some insightful advice on anything the is regarded oil cooler line. One thing that many of you would be concerned about is when to have it replaced. ~ all, nobody would want to spend money replacing something the is not problematic in the an initial place.

If her oil level is reduced than normal, it deserve to be indicative that a variety of things, among which is a failing oil cooler line. Over there is possibly a leak or crack, i beg your pardon is the reason why the oil drains quicker.You may likewise want to carry out a rapid inspection the the oil cooler line. Watch for signs of wear and tear, consisting of crimps and also bends. If there space visible surface ar damages, take it this together a authorize that you have to replace the oil cooler lines.If you an alert that there is a pond of oil underneath the auto from wherein it is parked, this additionally goes to display that the oil cooler line deserve to be problematic, i beg your pardon is why oil is dripping.

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Meanwhile, when you are trying to find a brand-new cooler line that will be provided as a replacement for the old one, right here are some of the things to save in mind:

As provided earlier, among the most essential is to make sure that they are the very same shape, design, and length to have actually the perfect fit. Take it a look in ~ the OEM specifications come be certain that friend will finish up through the best aftermarket part.Evaluate the products that are used. View to it the it is do of high-quality materials that are free from rust and corrosion, among other exterior damages.The connectors and also the seals are equally necessary as the line or the water tap itself. They should be tight enough to stop leaking and to carry out a secured connection.


After analysis this quick guide, ns hope the you already know exactly how to replace oil cooler line. A lot of you could think the this is a job that is reserved for the pros. Fact is, you perform not have to be a license is granted mechanic to finish the job successfully. Simply follow the actions that have actually been mentioned above and you carry out not need to spend a many to acquire the task done!