If her provider/version that phone bring away a center card, remove it by advertise it in a little bit until friend hear a little click, and also then on slide it out.

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Using one infrared thermometer warmth the surface to 170-180° F (roughly 70-80° C). This will loosen the glue but not damage the electronics.

Hold the gun at around 3 inches from her phone (in this photo it looks favor its best on top). Through the warmth gun collection to low, heat up the borders for about 3 come 5 minutes relying on the stamin of your warmth gun.

You need to be mindful when utilizing the heat gun ~ above this device. If the an equipment is heated up too much then it may melt the digitizer and cause discoloration. If you begin to see any type of discoloration climate shut turn off the gun immediately.

When you begin separating the screen, you need to start from the peak borders and also work your way to the center, ungluing the whole screen from optimal to bottom. Leave some opening devices in to avoid the glass native bonding again come the LCD.

Extra attention is vital with this step, don"t damage the buttons or cable! through a spudger, detach the buttons native the inner next of the glass. This can require a little extra heat. Also, the ideal strategy is to start in the middle, under the black ribbon the connects the two buttons, and then relocate sideways to separate each one.

Clean up the glue that continues to be on the borders. A small microfiber with a little bit of WD40 or windex can aid you take every the glue off.

When cleaning the end the glue, execute NOT effort to scrap glue out of the cracks in between the LCD and the frame. A very small amount of force toward the center or native underneath will crack the LED.

Cut increase two small 1mm pieces of the sticker tape and also glue the buttons come the phone to keep them in place.

Check the glass against the irradiate to make sure it is streak free before applying. If packaging left remarkable marks clean with glass cleaner and let dry prior to applying

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I change too plenty of Galaxy screens and I"m certain that anyone rather that has actually done this procedure wants to know, is there any means to shortcut the glass v the LCD to make it look original again?!?

LOCA is the most popular technique I see and would love come learn exactly how to usage it correctly prior to ruining any an ext LCDs, or any means to use the Optical Adhesive film and also remove the bubbles appropriately without an expensive autoclave indigenous China.

Any aid or suggestions room appreciated!!

Yes that in exactly how you apply the glue. A details pattern to place it is really helpful ill send friend a youtube link: http://youtu.be/ca2x94OQa2c there is a better one that provides two Ys opposite each other.

Hi there,

I have actually ventured right into replacing Glass and also bonding v LOCA. One thing I did discover is that. Don"t it is in cheap v buying LOCA. Find a great supplier that will certainly supply you through LOCA. Also, young smudges is no your enemies, LOCA actually covers them and also becomes clear. The trouble is the dust and also dirth. If you have a manage environment that have the right to do suction the air. You will pretty much have actually a good job everytime. Also for cleaning LCD use 100% alcohol and also 100% Acetone. They go side by side. Acetone gets rid of residues that glue much better than alcohol when 100% go a much better job in removed streaks or smudges.

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