If your provider/version of phone takes a SIM card, rerelocate it by pushing it in a bit until you hear a little click, and then slide it out.

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Using an infrared thermometer warm the surface to 170-180° F (approximately 70-80° C). This will loosen the glue however not damage the electronics.

Hold the gun at about 3 inches from your phone (in this picture it looks choose its best on top). With the heat gun set to low, warm up the borders for about 3 to 5 minutes depending upon the strength of your heat gun.

You have to be cautious once using the warm gun on this gadget. If the device is heated up as well a lot then it may melt the digitizer and also cause discoloration. If you start to view any discoloration then shut off the gun instantly.

When you start separating the screen, you must begin from the peak boundaries and occupational your way to the center, ungluing the entirety screen from optimal to bottom. Leave some opening devices in to prevent the glass from bonding aobtain to the LCD.

Extra attention is important through this action, don"t damage the butlots or cable! With a spudger, detach the butloads from the inner side of the glass. This can require a little additional warm. Also, the ideal strategy is to begin in the middle, under the black ribbon that connects the 2 buttons, and then move sideways to sepaprice each one.

Clean up the glue that continues to be on the boundaries. A little microfiber with a little of WD40 or windex have the right to assist you take all the glue off.

When cleaning out the glue, perform NOT attempt to scrap glue out of the cracks in between the LCD and also the structure. A very tiny amount of pressure towards the center or from underneath will crack the LED.

Cut up 2 tiny 1mm pieces of the sticker tape and also glue the buttons to the phone to keep them in area.

Check the glass against the light to make certain it is streak cost-free prior to using. If packaging left noticeable marks clean via glass cleaner and also let dry before applying

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I replace too many Galaxy displays and also I"m sure that anyone else that has actually done this procedure wants to know, is there any kind of way to bond the glass via the LCD to make it look original again?!?

LOCA is the most famous method I check out and would certainly love to learn just how to usage it effectively prior to damaging any more LCDs, or any means to use the Optical Adhesive film and remove the bubbles effectively without an expensive autoclave from China.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated!!

Yes its in exactly how you apply the glue. A certain pattern to place it is really helpful ill send you a youtube link: http://youtu.be/ca2x94OQa2c Tright here is a far better one that makes two Ys oppowebsite each other.

Hi tbelow,

I have actually ventured right into replacing Glass and bonding through LOCA. One thing I did learn is that. Don"t be cheap via buying LOCA. Find an excellent supplier that will supply you through LOCA. Also, minor smudges is not your opponents, LOCA actually covers them and becomes clear. The difficulty is the dust and dirth. If you have actually a manage environment that have the right to do suction of air. You will pretty much have actually a great task everytime. Also for cleaning LCD use 100% alcohol and also 100% Acetone. They go side by side. Acetone clears residues of glue better than alcohol while 100% does a far better project in rerelocating streaks or smudges.

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