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I expect someone can aid me v this. Ns got new spark plug pipe seal and tried to replace them this morning. For this reason I find this stupid plastic sheathe on the underside the the cover. For this reason I number it must just pop off. Fine I start prying ~ above it and also it breaks it about 20 pieces. SO ns was maybe to placed the brand-new seals in. However now need the plastic cover. My exorbitant stealer says that the seals arn"t serviceable and also must to buy a brand-new valve cover because that 140 bucks. So currently I require to find a new stealer after ~ dirty F"in thives. So is there a means around this? This is the most rediculous nonsense.:balls:

I hope someone can assist me through this. I got new spark plug tube seal and tried to replace them this morning. For this reason I find this stupid plastic cover on the underside of the cover. For this reason I number it must just pop off. Well I start prying on it and also it division it around 20 pieces. SO i was may be to placed the new seals in. However now require the plastic cover. My exorbitant stealer states that the seals arn"t serviceable and also must to buy a new valve cover for 140 bucks. So now I require to uncover a new stealer ~ dirty F"in thives. Therefore is there a method around this? This is the most rediculous nonsense.:balls:
You deserve to replace the seals, others have actually done this in the past. Now that you have busted the VC you must replace that though, look because that aused on right here on the forums or in a junk yard and save you yourself a hundreds bucks. You can likewise get the valve-cover indigenous the B13 GA16 cars. They room metal and also have replaceable seals and such.
I think your problem is that you have a newer B14 car (like a 200sx) that has actually a plastic valve cover. Ns ran in to this very same problem and also on those the seals space not replaceable and also they desire you come buy the whole new valve cover for a bunch that money (I assumed it was a hoax too). You are still ok though together you have the right to just go get a B13 valve cover and also put your new seals in the one as it fits simply the very same as the plastic one. That is what i did since then when the seals start leaking again I simply need to buy the seals which space a many cheaper. As soon as I go my readjust over I simply went come the regional junkyard and also the valve sheathe is pretty cheap. You can leave it together is and also just clean it up or ns actually provided black wrinkle paint on mine and also sanded down the elevated letters to make it look better.
Go to a junkyard, and also pick one up.You can likewise use one native a B13, 90-94, it"s white, and also aluminum. BE certain TO save THE BOLTS, as THEY room SHORTER/LONGER than THE PLASTIC COZVER(dont mental if its shorter or longer, i simply remember that part.) just make certain to buy a brand-new B13 gasket. I pick them increase for around $15-40, depending exactly how much of one ass the men are.
Yes, SATA is much faster however..... Putting complete spec formula one tires top top a 1.6L share honda civic will not make it capable of 200Mph......
I simply finished instead of a whole set of seals in the plastic valve cover. Nationwide seal #471270. If you remove the old seals carefully without busting the outer ring, then all you have to do is clean the repaint off that the seal and use a piece of emery fabric to open up the hole ever so slightly. Just sufficient that you have the right to tap the seal in there is no breaking any plastic. You have the right to seat the seal on the lip, the tubes space long enough to go with it still, back it will visually sit a lot deeper than the original. Once you go to reinstall the valve cover, operation your finger about the inside of the new seals as they walk over the tubes. I had actually on the didn"t spread right and it tore. This just took me about 1 1/2 hours, and also cost me much less than $30 because that the seals at NAPA.

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