carry out I need to die to save my game or is there one more method to conserve game? I know it"s a stupid question, I"m playing through the game aacquire ideal now and can not remember if that was the just means to save

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I"m pretty sure there"s a means to carry out it. I practically think it provides the second controller, yet it"s been awhile since I"ve played it. It additionally might still count as a tally (as in, a number greater choose you did die)... not certain though.Well wait... this almost favor an edit but I didn"t submit initially haha. Anyway, I checked GameFAQs. Yeah, pausage the game and also push Up+A on controller 2. Tright here you can save, and also it DOESN"T count it as if you died. I tested it on my cart likewise to be sure.
Can"t you just push select or something? I coulda swore tbelow was a way to do it quickly... and also I didn"t think it counted against your death count.By the way Roth, that was a pretty funny write-up.
No, sorry, however you can"t simply push Select to conserve. Select is the pausage switch. There"s really just the approach Roth pointed out. If you desire to check it yourself, you deserve to check out the hands-on here:
Thanks Roth, I kbrand-new there was something. a lot better than killing myself to save my game all the time (including fatality tolls) gonna try it out. thanks males
The original Zelda manual will not tell you what you have to understand...Make certain you have actually both controllers Hooked up, go right into your inventory screen via your first controller, and also while this screen is up, press up + A switch on the second controller. That"ll bring you to the continue/save food selection. Also, if you keep utilizing this strategy, if you never before die, you"ll finish the game via the respond to saying you played it 0 times!It"s either this method or grab an emulator and also NES ROM and also use save says...
thanks, it works perfect.ya I could usage save states via an emulator, yet there"s nopoint prefer playing the real thing, having actually the genuine cart, original controller, and also height loading nes. I discover it so a lot much better than playing a NES ROM.
I recognize what you expect tright here. Mostly, I use NES ROMs for the carts I do not have, and my computer systems actually have actually much better sound than my TV sets. Other than that, yeah, nothing beats the NES consingle & game paks!
Of course it does. Page 15: "Stopping the game". (O.k., it does not say that you have to push "Up", simply to push the manage pad, however neverthemuch less it is mentioned.)

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many thanks, it functions perfect.ya I might use save says with an emulator, however there"s nopoint choose playing the real point, having actually the genuine cart, original controller, and peak loading nes. I discover it so a lot better than playing a NES ROM.I actually can not carry out that, as I have to rearea the battery in my LoZ cart :/ I had to sit with the game in someday to acquire my pic of overcoming it. I really have to gain some batteries. I"m certain I have another cart that has a battery not working.Have fun with that Zelda!