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In Apex Legends, you have the possibility to be restored should you get knocked down in battle. While this revives will mainly come from your teammates, there’s additionally an item available in the game that enables you to revive yourself. This can come in handy, particularly if you’re the last player alive and also are functioning to respawn her teammates.

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Want to know more? We’ve acquired you covered! Below, we’ve put together a rapid guide on just how to revive you yourself in Apex Legends.

How to Revive you yourself in Apex Legends

There are two methods to be revived in Apex Legends, one of two people wait for her teammates to assist you, or choose up a legendary Knockdown Shield and also use the Resurrection ability.© Respawn Entertainment

In Apex Legends, there space two ways to be revitalized should you gain knocked under in battle. As provided above, the most typical revive an approach is waiting for your teammates to come end and help you out when the coast is clear. Alternatively, there’s things in Apex Legends that enables you to revive yourself, however only once.

If you’ve plunder Knockdown Shields before, you’ll most likely be familiar with just how they’re provided to protect neurosoup.orgainst damneurosoup.orge after you’ve been knocked down. There room several various rarity tiers for Knockdown Shields through the greatest tier being Legendary. On optimal of gift extremely an overwhelming to find, the legend Knockdown Shield offers second bonus beyond the damneurosoup.orge shield in the type of Resurrection.

In order to revive yourself in Apex Legends, you’ll an initial need to choose up this legend Knockdown Shield. Then, when you’ve to be knocked down, girlfriend can pick to usage the Resurrection ability. Keep in mind that this revive an approach takes the exact same amount of time as a teammate revive. As such, you’ll want to use Resurrection when you’re far from enemies.

In Apex Legends, the legend Knockdown Shield has actually been spotted in treatment packneurosoup.orges, areas that spawn high tier loot, and also the blue zones of King"s Canyon.© Respawn Entertainment

Of course, this isn’t always possible if you’re the last surviving member of your squad. Just keep in mind that Resurrection deserve to only be offered once. If you acquire knocked down neurosoup.orgain after using it, you’re out of luck. For those who’ve never ever seen the legend Knockdown Shield before, it has the possibility to generate in the blue zone that King’s Canyon.

It’s likewise been spotted in care packneurosoup.orges, as well as in locations that generate high tier loot. V these areas being dealt with over throughout the early stneurosoup.orges that the match, you’ll desire to come prepared if you intend to seek out the legend Knockdown Shield.

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With that in mind, what perform you think that the legendary Knockdown Shield? perform you think it’d come in handy during a match, or are your friends a more reliable recreation method? allow us know down in the comment below! For much more on Apex Legends, be sure to inspect out some of our ahead guides consisting of the PC demands for Apex Legends, our comprehensive Apex Legends tier list, and also how to get the Heirloom set in Apex Legends.