I have a plethora of different types of stations on mine Pandora and also wanted to just shuffle a couple of of them together as soon as I listen. Is there a way to do this?



In the web user interface you have the right to do this by selecting "Shuffle", then underneath choose the small arrow in the yellow box beside "Shuffle All" (or feasible "Shuffle "). Then select "My Shuffle".

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Once you"ve done this, all her stations should have actually a checkbox next to them. Simply examine or uncheck the people you do or don"t want as component of her mix.



Yes. ~ above the app, swipe come the left at the "Shuffle" button and also a pencil will appear. Click the pencil icon and also it will allow you to pick which stations to shuffle.



In the Android app, you can hold-tap a station and choose Add selection to include another band to it. Girlfriend could also rename it after that.

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