The iphone phone time lapse feature was an initial introduced in iOS 8 (2014) as one of the two new features in the Camera app. Since then, Apple made it much easier than ever before for human being to record and share their own timelapse videos. But what are precisely those?

What is the time lapse ~ above iPhone?

The time slide out is a feature on the iphone camera application that allows you to document a really short video (usually only 30-40 seconds long) that deserve to compress hrs or also days that recording. This renders the final video appear together if it has been sped up.

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How to do a time lapse video on iPhone?

To make a time lapse video clip on iPhone, simply open your Camera app, scroll left ~ above the camera mode choice wheel until “Time-Lapse” is selected and start recording! The camera will now take a shot every few seconds and also at the end it will stitch them all up together into a time-lapse video clip in her iPhone camera roll.

Record time lapses of her Mac screen

With Hustl, girlfriend don"t have to worry about editing or speeding up the video – just press record and you"ll acquire a ready-to-share timelapse the your display screen to present off her work.

This is just how to do a time slide away on iphone

And that’s it! If you were wondering how to use the time lapse top top iPhone, the was it, there’s no more steps! ideal after tapping the stop button, the timelapse video should appear directly on your gallery – maybe enable it some seconds to process it if had been recording for a most time, but it should take a very short time. Now you know just how to time-lapse top top iPhone!

Tips to take it time-lapses top top iPhone prefer a professional

Anyone deserve to take iphone phone time-lapses, however if you’re aiming because that tip-top quality, follow these tips!

Make sure you have actually enough free space on her iPhone! There’s nothing an ext frustrating than realizing your time-lapse to be interrupted and not saved because your device ran out of spaceConnect your iPhone come a power outlet! Time-lapses often take long, and also batteries drainpipe quickly when recordingLock focus and also exposure. You carry out this by lengthy pressing the display screen before beginning to document until you check out a yellow rectangle. If friend don’t carry out this, your iPhone will try to automatically adjust focus and exposure depending on the current lighting conditions, i m sorry will vary in a long time-lapse (AF = AutoFocus; AE = AutoExposure). So to make her final video as smooth as possible, so that looks choose a constant flow rather than a collection of clips taped together, make sure to lock AF/AE!Use a tripod. No matter exactly how still girlfriend think friend are, your hands are always shaking, and also the iphone camera will catch even the little movements. Make sure you’re using a tripod or you’re resting the iphone on a sturdy surface.If friend don’t have a tripod, usage your creativity to do a an excellent iPhone stand! A desk pen stand is frequently a an excellent alternative, because you deserve to (carefully) insert her iPhone in between the pens and also the produced tension will assistance the iPhone because that long sufficient to take it a time-lapse.Another different is to use any kind of garment or bag to assistance your iPhone. Simply make sure the surface aren’t slippery or your phone will certainly constantly loss over!

About the iphone time slide away speed

The time-lapse function on the iphone phone camera does no behave in the way a common time-lapse recording software does, due to the fact that it instantly optimizes the settings of every timelapse to finish up yielding a video between 20 and also 40 seconds.

For this reason, it’s not straightforward to know how much time has really been recorded just seeing the last time-lapse video.

If you’re really interested in knowing just how does the iphone time-lapse work, make certain to inspect out our iphone phone time-lapse calculator, wherein we likewise go into great depth and detail around how that works!

Go inspect out our iphone time-lapse calculator!

iPhone time slide away settings

Unfortunately for united state creators, there’s no easy method of adjusting the setups on the iphone time slide away camera mode, for this reason we’re stuck with Apple’s defaults. This way the preferences that specify the time-lapse function on the iphone camera, choose the interval capture rate speed, the final video clip FPS and also all that are hardcoded into the app and cannot be changed. There’s an ext info around this in our iphone time-lapse calculator.

How to slow-moving down a time lapse on iPhone?

One the the most typical questions about this feature is related to the timelapse video clip speed. Can you slow down a time lapse on iPhone?

Well, the brief answer is: yes, yet not from the Camera. As we’ve discussed earlier, we’re stuck to Apple’s defaults, that is, the iphone time-lapse choices are hardcoded and cannot be readjusted in the maker or the app. So us can’t modify an important parameters like the timelapse capture rate / interval (how countless shots walk it take it in a second) or the final video FPS (Frames every Second, which additionally defines the rate at which the resulting video clip will be played back)

However, there are a couple of ways about this. So if you’re yes, really willing to learn exactly how to adjust the time lapse rate on iPhone, save reading!

There’s no method of slowly down the moment lapse on iphone while recording, however what you might do is you can record your time-lapse as normal and also then import it into a video clip editing app, choose the iMovie app, and also manually slow it down!

This is relatively easy come do. First, gain the iMovie app from the application Store if you haven’t already. Open up the iMove app and also get all set to slow down her time-lapse video!

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to sluggish down a time-lapse top top iPhone using the iMovie app

Tap the huge “+” plus button on the main iMovie display screen to produce a new project


On the project form selection screen, pick “Movie”


A display containing all her photos and also videos will present up. Pick your time-lapse video clip and insanity “Create Movie” at the bottom of the scren

On the brand-new “My Movie” screen, friend will check out a timeline with your time-lapse video. Tap it.

A yellow modifying border will present up approximately the lower bottom of your video, and some editing options will show up on the bottom the the screen

Tap top top the rate meter symbol on the bottom of the screen. A selection slider to choose the desired video speed will certainly appear. Adjust it to her preferences.

Moving the slider to the left will make the video clip reproduce as slow-moving as 1/8x and also moving it every the method to the best will do it blee as fast as 2x.


Tap “Done” top top the height left corner. In the job screen, insanity the re-superstructure button and also save that or re-publishing it!

To save it to her camera roll, simply scroll down and also tap “Save Video”. You can also share it to any app you have actually on your iPhone, such as Instagram, Youtube, Twitter…


If the final speed of your time-lapse video is not what you’d like, you have the right to repeat the steps above using the brand-new exported video to keep slowing or speeding up your time-lapse ~ above iPhone

How do you speed up a time lapse on iPhone?

Just prefer it happened when we were discussing around how to sluggish down a time slide out on iPhone, there’s no immediate method of increasing a time lapse. Yet you can certainly do it! First, record your timelapse on the iPhone together usual and then income the video into a video clip editing software like the iMovie application on iphone phone to manually rate it up. There’s detailed steps ~ above the just how to slow down a time lapse on iphone section, simply follow the guide yet instead that adjusting the video clip to be slowed down, usage it to increase it speed!

How long can a time lapse video clip on iphone be?

Many world wonder how long have the right to an iPhone document a time lapse – and also the price is fairly simple: you have the right to record for as long as you desire (or rather, for as lengthy as the cost-free space top top your maker –and the battery– can keep up).

First thing you want to carry out is connect your iphone phone to a strength outlet if you’re walking to record for longer than 30 minutes. The battery ~ above your device will drain quickly while recording a time-lapse.

Next, if you setup to document for number of hours, far better clean up storage on her iPhone to make part room because that the time-lapse files and make certain you won’t operation out of an are in the center of your valuable timelapse. A an excellent idea is to start deleting unused apps, which do a large chunk the the iPhone’s provided space. Then, you might upload every your large videos and also files to iCloud or Google Photos and also remove them indigenous the device, or you could additionally physically attach your iphone to your Mac or pc using a lightning cable and manually transfer all your records there making use of Photos, iTunes or any type of iPhone monitoring software. One cheat we like is the adhering to (it only works ~ above  macOS):

Connect her iPhone to her Mac through the cable her iPhone uses, such together a Lightning cable.Press command + spacebar. In the box that pops up, compose “Image Capture”. The following application will show up in the list. Click it to open up it.

Once the app opens, your iPhone will certainly be noted under “Devices” top top the left pane. Click her iPhone and all the photos will certainly be detailed on the main area. From there, you have the right to just pick all the pictures you desire to import and also hit the import button to copy them to the folder you select on her Mac.Once your files are safely replicated into your computer, you might remove castle from your iPhone, which will make a lot of extra totally free space because that you come use once recording long time-lapse videos.

In summary, iPhones basically deserve to timelapse for as lot as over there is accessible storage space and battery. If you only have actually a pair of MBs left, that will certainly be a an extremely short time (maybe a couple of minutes) – but if you have GBs and also GBs of accessible space, her iPhone can record because that hours and hours, even a day or two. Just make sure you do some trial and error with the actual intended length before going out in the ar to document a an essential and necessary long time-lapse, come avoid losing it because the machine ran out of space.

How to include music come a time lapse on iPhone?

Adding music come a time-lapse ~ above iPhone can be conveniently done v the iMovie app!

To perform this, an initial you’re walk to need iMovie, so go to the app Store, find for “iMovie” and also download that if you don’t have it already in your iPhone! open it and:

Create a brand-new project by tapping the large “+” plus symbol on the main iMovie screenSelect “Movie” as project form in the “New Project” screenSelect your timelapse video from the image gallery and tap “Create Movie” in the bottom the the screen.In the “My Movie” display screen that pops up, tap the “+” plus switch by the facility at the left the the display screen to include an Audio file. In the list that appears, madness “Audio” and then select a monitor either from the Soundtracks section, indigenous your very own music or choose any type of of the default Sound Effects.Once the monitor is selected, tap the “+” plus switch to include it come the Movie timeline. If you now hit play, your timelapse will currently have the music you’ve imported into the project!Tap “Done” in the peak left corner of the screen and then madness the share switch in the middle. In the re-publishing dialog, pick “Save Video” to conserve the time lapse v music to your Photos gallery, or re-publishing it directly on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or any kind of other app you have!

How to convert a time lapse video clip to typical on iPhone

A time-lapse video recorded on iPhone cannot be quickly converted right into a normal video just prefer that. This is due to the fact that of the way the iphone creates the time-lapse video: the doesn’t an initial record a full-length video clip that climate it speeds up. Instead, that takes a bunch of tho shots the then get stitched together right into a time-lapse video.

But friend can definitely use the iMovie application to sluggish down a time-lapse video clip on iPhone as we discussed earlier, however if you end up slowing the down as well much, it will certainly look unnatural, due to the fact that at the end of the day your time-lapse video clip is made out of tho images, not video.

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How come convert video clip to time slide out on iPhone

This is an easy one! just as us did once we were talking about how to speed up an iphone phone time slide away video, you might use the specific same method to take a typical video, import it into the iMovie app, rate it up and also end up with a video clip that looks as with a time-lapse! There’s a step-by-step accuse on the section about how to slow down a timelapse ~ above iPhone.

How to produce time lapse video clip from photos on iPhone

As far as we know, there’s no easy way to execute this ~ above iPhone just yet, yet if friend come across some method of achieving the job of developing a time-lapse from tho photos ~ above iPhone, please leave a comment below!