I"m a member of many type of teams because of the freebies I acquire from Gleam. I don"t want any kind of notifications or their feeds in my friend"s task while being the part of group.



So i dont know if the solution i have the right to give you additionally outcomes in the Steam Client not providing you notifications from groups anyeven more.

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I did this in the Browser:

Navigate to your Player Tab and click activity:


If you are on your activity page on the height of the list tbelow is a link called Frifinish Activity Settings:


Now you should watch a lot of choices and checkboxes. Scroll dvery own until you discover the groupbox A Group i belong to:


You deserve to change the settings now and conserve it on the bottom of the page.

As i said over i dont understand if this is just for the task feed or additionally for the vapor client (which theoretically would certainly be logic).

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