Saying the ok Google hotword is recognize by the Google now service and also opens increase the Google find app. To enable OK Google ~ above Galaxy S7 (Edge) from any type of screen, you just need to execute as follows:

1. Open up the Google app on her Galaxy S7 or S7e2. Madness the 3-small-line icon on the top left that the screen and touch the Settings option3. Under the Search & Now settings, open the Voice settings4. Walk to the "Ok Google" detection settings5. Currently make sure, both From the Google app and From any kind of screen options space toggled on (You may have to repeat the yes sir Goolge hotword in order to let the an equipment identify just how you pronounce it6. From currently on, to acquire the most of her Google Now and Google Search, you just need to say OK Google from any kind of screen.

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Tip: If the yes sir Google is not functioning on your Galaxy S7 (Edge) and it doesn"t detect your voice, make certain both the alternatives are toggled on and shot deleting your current voice model and record a new one.

Saying the yes sir Google hotword is detected by the Google currently service and opens up the Google search app. To allow OK Google on Galaxy S7 (Edge) native ...

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