Basic Zune display Instructions

The prize to just how to revolve on the Zune 80GB screen is as basic as unlocking the an equipment and waking it up. If this is your an initial use, make sure you’ve currently charged the battery, or that won’t turn on.

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First, press the “hold” button, located at the peak of the device. Then, push the “play/pause” button, situated on the optimal right next of the device, until the screen pertains to life. The screen is now active!

Basic Troubleshooting for Zune Display

Sometimes the Zune display screen won’t come on when you want it to. Maybe you’re pressing the wrong buttons, or perhaps it’s locked. Making use of these troubleshooting tips, you have the right to answer pretty much all your needs concerning how to revolve on the Zune 80GB display.

Always check that your device is in the unlocked position, or the display won’t turn on, regardless. If the is locked, unlock it.

Also, check if the battery is low. If friend can’t view the display, you might not understand if it is low, specifically if it isn’t playing any type of music. Fee the Zune 80GB maker for at least two hours prior to attempting come reset the device, as it might be as basic as a short battery.

Next, watch if you deserve to use any type of of the various other controls. If these space locked up, you can need come reset her device. You deserve to do a soft reset ~ above the maker without actually deleting any kind of of the materials on your device.

Resetting your Zune 80GB Device

If friend can’t gain the unlock switch or the recharge function to bring your display back to life, try resetting the device.

Slide the “hold” button into the unlocked position. Next, push the ago button, situated on the optimal left side of the device. Host it while pressing the top facility of the Zune pad. Organize these 2 buttons with each other until the display lights up.

In many cases, one of these solutions need to work to help you determine how to rotate on the Zune 80GB display. Uneven the whole maker is malfunctioning, you do not do it actually have to wipe the Zune clean, firmware and all, and start off with a new slate.

Avoid resetting the machine unless you really require to. You can also shot sliding the “Hold” locking switch back and forth to kind of “wake up” the lock mechanism, which really just keeps friend from inadvertently skipping song and transforming the volume up high.

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To save the battery charged and also prevent the must restart your device, rotate your Zune off when finished using it; don’t just put it to sleep. To turn the machine off, push the “Back” switch at the height left that the machine and the “Down” button on the bottom of the Zune pad.


Microsoft Zune Support: your Zune Player Does no Respond once You press a button or a Control