In my last post, I described Ark items to make that aid you seein the night, and in this post, I define console commands, and single playersettings that assist you see, or prevent the darkness in Ark survival Evolved.

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bring increase the command line, hit the TAB key onpc.

If you haven"t supplied console commands in single player beforeyou will require to form in enablecheats and also then struggle enter. Top top your private server, friend will need toenter in admincheat and also your password.

Gamma Commands

These can be supplied on numerous Ark Survival progressed servers and single player. Part servers, especially PvP ones, block theuser from using the command. The commandmakes the scene appear lighter or darker. In the command line type the indigenous gammaand climate the number brightness you desire. Somewhere about gamma 2.2 isnormal. Gamma 0 renders everything appear the darkest. This deserve to be helpful if yourcomputer is having actually a difficult time handling the reflections off of metal wallsand foundations or during a desert heat event.Gamma 6 will certainly make the night together bright as possible, that is likewise beneficial in darkcaves. The lighting doesn"t looknatural, it"s muted and ugly, however it can make the video game much more playable.

Max gamma 6

Normal gamma 2

Change the time of Day

If friend like having nighttime, however it occurs throughout a badtime, choose trying to recuperate your body as soon as it is surrounded by a fill ofwolves girlfriend can"t see, girlfriend can adjust the time of work to every little thing you want.

settimeofday 12:00

In the above example, it will collection the time come noon. The time is on the 24 hr clock, so 23:00would be 11:00 pm.


Single Player and also Private Server Settings

I like there gift night time in Ark, it can be pretty, andan exciting change. However, i likeit to be much less frequent and shorter, for this reason I readjust my solitary player settings, andmy server setups accordingly. Ns reducethe work cycle speed to make the day critical longer, and nighttime to make thedaytime last because that a shorter period of time.If you favor the time of work it is on her server/singleplayer girlfriend canchange the day speed to zero and it will be frozen at that time. I will execute that occasionally when ns am makinglonger videos, as nighttime really interferes through making a good video most ofthe time. As far as ns know, thesechanges with time will not affect the time the takes come tame, progressive babies tomaturity, and breeding interval, etc.

My wanted day rate settings


If friend can"t use gamma commands, you can try an altering thebrightness of her screen. Part maps,like The center are a little brighter than say the lsland Map, which can bepitch black. Therefore if you dislike the darkness, it might be far better to choose a mapother 보다 the Island once you start a new world.

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Girlfriend can additionally check out my ways to irradiate upthe Night post/video to aid you craft items the will aid you cope v thedarkness.