Amongst the brand-new pieces of gear in Destiny's The Dark Below development, one stands out: a gun dubbed "Husk of the Pit." It's type of a item of crap… yet it also isn't.

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See, the Husk starts out as a widespread attack rifle that pretty a lot entirely sucks. However, if you follow its upgrade route (kill a ton of Hive via it, basically), you deserve to inevitably reason it to transdevelop into a legendary gun referred to as Eidolon Ally, which isn't half negative on its own, and also which can then be upgraded to an amazing-looking arc-damage exotic gun referred to as Necrochasm. Now, that second upgrade can only be perdeveloped with an object you get for beating the Crota's End rhelp on tough mode, and that mode doesn't even come out until January. But inevitably, you'll have the ability to take this weak bit pea-sprayer all the means to the peak.

I first heard around the Husk from my raid teammate Adam Rosenberg, though lately I check out everyone talking about it. The totality concept is kinda nifty, and not discomparable from the exotic bounties that drop from time to time in the remainder of Destiny. I'm glad to watch this type of point in the game, even if it's simply the one gun at the moment. Destiny may be a shameless time-sink, yet if the game has to be a grind, Bungie might at least strive to make the grind even more exciting.

So. To get started on the road to Necrochasmville, you'll require a Husk of the Pit. You can attain one by killing those Hive sword-bearers called Blades of Crota that are loose on the Planet and the Moon. The gun is a rare random drop, and also it's immediately added to your inventory after you kill a Blade.

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You might simply kill the sword guys eincredibly time you check out one, yet there's a much faster way. Fire up the first mission from the development, "The Fist of Crota." Immediately at the start, obtain on your sparrow and jet previous the mobs and into the building. Tbelow, you'll uncover some Hive acolytes doing a acquainted summoning routine. Kill the Blade of Crota who transforms up, and also check out if you gain anypoint. If you don't, simply rebegin the mission until you perform. Easy!

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It only took me two tries to get a Husk, yet I've killed most Blades of Crota already, so it can take you longer. Keep at it for a little bit, and also you have to have a brand-new, shitty gun that will eventually turn into a much better gun.