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The Sword is a powerful weapon that can be unlocked in Shadows of Evil. It becomes even more powerful when it is upgraded to the Archon Sword and has an added function that allows it to protect you while using another weapon. The steps for upgrading this weapon are not complicated but will take several rounds.

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This can be considered the fourth step of the main Easter Egg. The previous three steps must be completed before this can be started.

Needed Before You Can Begin:

Steps for Upgrading the Sword:

Get the Arch OvumActivate All Four AreasReturn the Arch Ovum


Get The Arch Ovum

The Arch Ovum is an egg that is similar to the one charged when getting the sword. The location of this item is different for each character. Each Arch Ovum is being held by a spirit in one of the four ritual rooms. See my guide on completing the rituals for the location of each of these rooms. The list below links the character to their ritual room.

The Cop: The Ruby Rabbit in the Canal DistrictThe Boxer: The Gym in the Waterfront DistrictThe Magician: The Library off of Easy StreetThe Dancer: The Black Lace Burlesque in the Footlight District


Activate All Four Areas

There are large red symbols painted on the ground in four areas of the map. The symbols look like a car-sized seal that was stamped on the ground. Each area must be activated by walking to the center of the symbol and pressing your action key, causing the character to place their Arch Ovum in the center of the symbol.

Each player can activate one symbol per round.All four symbols must be activated by each player, but the order of the activation does not need to be specific.The first symbol each player activates will release a Margwa. The second - fourth will release two Margwas.The symbol is complete when the released Margwa(s) are killed.If the player that activated the symbol goes down, the released Margwa(s) will die and the player will need to restart the symbol.

The Four Pictures below show the locations of the Symbols.


Located in the Footlight District directly in front of the Black Lace Burlesque.

Screenshot: COD, BO3


This symbol is found in Junction, in front of the train that dropped the Golden Fountain Pen.

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Screenshot: COD, BO3

Return The Arch Ovum

The final step is returning the Arch Ovum and Picking up the sword. Each player simply returns to the same building in which they picked up the egg. The spirit will still be floating above the desk, but will now be holding a sword in its hands. Approach the spirit and press your action button in order to pick up the sword.

Every activated symbol will release Margwas, which must be defeated in order to move on to the next symbol.

Screenshot: COD, BO3

Other Useful Information

You can upgrade your sword without others in the game upgrading theirs. The sword will become more powerful and have a new attack. The sword timer will continue to count down while in protection mode.


Timothy on September 01, 2017:

Thanks alot. The first time I got the arch ovum, I tried putting it in the altars like the first egg. Lol