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How to keep a gravel drive making use of a box blade through hydraulic scarifiers

Your gravel driveway isn’t hard to maintain, as lengthy as you’re utilizing the appropriate tools. This video takes a look at exactly how to maintain a gravel drive making use of a box blade. That the perfect project for a Frontier BB4184H crate Blade (US CA) with hydraulic scarifiers. The scarifiers will perform a great job that cutting through the washboard surface of the gravel drive, churning the product so package blade’s cut edge have the right to smooth it out.

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We additionally show you just how to add some topdressing come the gravel drive whereby a drainage pipe to run underneath it has started to top through the surface.

For this project, we use a john Deere 4052M Compact Utility Tractor (US CA) the matches perfectly v our 84-inch (213.36 cm) crate blade. The delivers 52 engine horsepower (38.77 kW) and includes the conventional 12F/12R PowrReverser transmission.

We also included a D170 loader v a lift capacity of much more than 2300 pounds (104.33 kg), in addition to a 73-inch (185.42 cm) product bucket, which is among the top 10 implements our experts think you should have actually in your machine shed.

And, we’ve included an iMatchTM Quick Hitch (US CA) to our tractor, which makes hooking up all kinds that implements as straightforward as feasible because friend don’t have to gain off the tractor to affix compatible implements come the 3-point hitch.

Okay. Let’s get started. First, Caitlin will certainly hook up the box blade making use of the iMatchTM Quick Hitch. All she has to do is emphasis on the optimal hook, and everything rather will loss into place. She’ll near the locking levers come secure the box blade. Climate she’ll revolve off the tractor, set the parking brake, and also come roughly to hook increase the hydraulic hoses because that raising and lowering the scarifier beam inside package blade indigenous the operator station.

Then, with the box blade slightly raised and also the scarifier beam in that down and locked position, she’ll set each scarifier shank ~ above its second-to-lowest notch. She wants scarifiers set low enough to churn the surface down to just below the bottom the the washboard bumps, however not into the driveway’s foundation.

And she’s ready to go.

By running the scarifiers v the washboard surface, Caitlin have the right to break up all the bumps. Climate she’ll hydraulically raise the scarifier shanks out of the way and spread the churned up product out the back of package blade, leave a smooth, also surface behind. It will certainly take her around an hour and also 3 or 4 overcome up and down the gravel journey to remove the washboard bumps and smooth the end the sized material.

Now for job #2. There space 2 drainage pipes running underneath the gravel drive. Traffic and erosion have actually exposed among them. Therefore we need to add more topdressing material to cover and also protect it.

Using our product bucket, Caitlin will certainly pour a few loads that a dirt and also gravel mixture ideal on optimal of the exposed pipe. And also she won’t be shy about using it. Yes plenty much more where that came from.

Then, v the hydraulic scarifiers in their increased position, she’ll use package blade to start pushing and pulling the heap to cover the drainage pipe. She’ll job-related the product to spread it out, leave a smooth and also even surface. Start to finish, this task will just take around 30 minutes.

Talk to your man Deere dealer about matching a Frontier crate Blade through hydraulic scarifiers, for any type of other implement, to her tractor.

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As always, psychic to read the Operator’s Manual before operating any kind of piece the equipment, and follow all operating and safety instructions.