Over the years, we have seen the rise and also fall of plenty of android emulators. However, there is one that has actually been the king: Bluestacks Emulator.

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Bluestacks is one android emulator that supplies virtualization an innovation to emulate android devices on Windows and also macOS systems. That offers modern features to run contemporary games and also applications v minimal or no compatibility issues.

Zooming in and also out the Bluestacks may seem impossible, specifically if you are emulating an application or video game that requires a touch display.

This tutorial will show you how to zoom in and also out that Bluestacks.

How come Zoom in and also Out of The Bluestacks Emulator

If you have actually a game that calls for zoom, Bluestacks provides you two ways to zoom.

Method 1 – Precision Zoom

The an initial way come zoom in and out that Bluestacks is precision zoom. It enables you come zoom at a details point in the screen based upon the location of your mouse pointer.

We will use Clash that Clans to present how come zoom in and out in this example. Begin by launching the game.

Once the video game starts, move your mouse pointer to the suggest you great to zoom in. Push the CTRL key and scroll making use of the mouse wheel.

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CTRL + Scroll under = Zoom In

CTRL + role Up = Zoom Out

The screenshots below show precision zoom in Clash the Clans


Precision Zoom Enabled

Method 2 – Zoom to display Center

The other type of zoom is the center screen zoom. This type of zoom zooms in and out the the application worrying the display screen center. It is advantageous when you require to get a general view and not on particular points.To usage this kind of zoom, usage the:

UP crucial – Zoom In

Down key – Zoom Down

NOTE: Zooming in and also out only works if the target game and also application assistance it.


This guide showed you how to zoom in and also out of various applications utilizing the Bluestacks Emulator.