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Link Spotify to Google

Note: Make certain your mobile device is associated to the same WiFi together your Google device.

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Download and open the Google house appTap Account in the top-rightCheck the Google Account shown is the one connected to your Google residence or Google swarm device. To switch accounts, tap one more account or Add an additional account.Back on the residence screen, tap + in the top-left, then Music and audio.Select Spotify and also tap Link Account, then Log in come Spotify.

Link Spotify come Speakers

Play Spotify ~ above Bluetooth supported gadgets such together speakers, headphones, and even her car.

To beat Spotify on Bluetooth, girlfriend need:

The Spotify app on a an equipment that supports BluetoothAn audio an equipment that supports Bluetooth

How to use Bluetooth

Note: It’s finest to nearby Spotify while creating a Bluetooth connection.

On both devices, move Bluetooth on.Pair the devices in your Bluetooth settings.Tip: Check your device’s assistance for details.Open Spotify and play.

The sound now originates from your favored device.

Not working?

Check the gadgets are in range, ideally within 1 meter (3ft) of each other.Some devices only allow you have one link at a time. Shot disconnecting various other devices.In the settings of your maker with the Spotify app, examine Bluetooth enables media sharing.Make certain both tools have sufficient power.

If it’s still no working, try re-pairing her devices:

In your devices’ Bluetooth settings, delete the details of the various other device.Tip: This setup can be called Forget or Unpair.On both devices, switch Bluetooth off, then earlier on.Re-establish the connection. Examine your device’s user overview for specific steps.

Spotify on TV

Log in come a TV app

Open the Spotify app on her TV, then select one of these means to log in:

Enter her Spotify email attend to and password.Open the Spotify app on her phone or tablet, and also find your maker using Spotify Connect.

Spotify in the car

Take her favorite music and podcasts follow me for the ride.

Use any kind of of this to affix your phone to her car:

Spotify ConnectBluetoothAUX or USB cableAndroid AutoApple CarPlay

Also, many auto media systems offer a Spotify application built right into the stereo.

Spotify top top PlayStation

Download the Spotify application on your PS5, PS4, or PS3 to hear to her favorite music and podcasts on your console.

Logging in

Open the Spotify application on her console, then select one the these ways to log in in:

Enter your Spotify email deal with and password.Open the Spotify application on your phone or tablet, and also find your device using Spotify Connect.

When you log in to Spotify, your account web links to her PlayStation Network account. This instantly logs girlfriend in come Spotify anytime you log in to your PSN account.

Listen while friend game

When friend play Spotify on her PS5 or PS4, it proceeds to play while you game.

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Spotify on Samsung wearables

Control the music from her wrist through Samsung wearables.

Play, pause, and also skip music and also podcastsSave musicShuffle and repeatPlay from her Library, Browse, and Recently Played

If you have actually Premium, you deserve to also:

Control what dram on another device with Spotify ConnectDownload playlists to listen to offlineSearch with text controlsEnjoy Premium sound quality