executive Director/Vice PresidentFirmwide business Partners

Human resources Management Division, Tokyo

“For civilization who want to be genuine professionals, and have a chance to work-related on a worldwide level, I would certainly encourage castle to use to Goldman Sachs.”

mine Work

The mission of mine division, Human resources Management, is come attract, retain and also motivate employees. The department is involved in a wide variety of activities including: hiring impressive people, giving them avenues for growth, giving training programs and also implementing a same performance testimonial system.

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My function is a company Partner, comprehensively extending a divisions’ civilization issues. In my instance I work-related with the Goldman Sachs Asset management (GSAM) division in the Tokyo office. Ours responsibilities encompass advising an elderly management on world strategy and headcount budgeting, developing and hiring policies; and managing procedures for annual evaluation and compensation decisions.

ours corporate society recognizes the our world are our most essential assets. Every one of our human being including an elderly management and line managers, are very committed come investing in people. The Human resources Management division is the front line in these efforts, so it is a an extremely exciting ar to work.

mine Day

I acquire to job-related usually at 8:30 a.m. Throughout my commute I have a look in ~ the newspapers. As soon as I acquire to my desk I check the e-mails that have actually come in native overseas, and also take treatment of those best away. If people in new York room still in the office, occasionally I follow-up with them by phone.

typically by 9:00 a.m. I am top top the phone, or composing e-mails. I have meetings both inside and outside mine division, and I proactively keep track of development on tasks within the division.

occasionally I eat having lunch at my desk, yet often, as an opportunity to catch-up with world from about the firm, ns eat out through my department colleagues, or with people from GSAM.

In the afternoon i get back to e-mail, or meetings, but when I have the time I read e-mails relating to GSAM company updates, or walk to product study meetings so the I have as lot of an expertise as possible of what"s walk on in our business.

In the evenings I emphasis on matters that need urgent attention. I shot to leaving the office by 8:00 p.m., however sometimes I need to stay a little later for an abroad conference call, or a task deadline. I can access the company"s systems from home, so periodically I leave the office early to do conference calls at home. Sometimes I occupational from house so i can emphasis better. Mine working setting makes it really easy to acquire work done. I have actually a most flexibility.

my Path

after ~ I graduated from university in economics, i went to work for a Japanese brokerage firm. Because that the first couple of years, i was a salesperson in a branch, and also I learned around the securities company in general. Climate I moved over come the personnel department. After that, I functioned in the person resources department of a european insurance company, and then for a US-based human resources consulting firm. Ns joined the Goldman Sachs Human resources Management department in 2001. I started my job at Goldman Sachs with the benefits team. After several years’ experience, I relocated to mine current function in 2007.

ns have had a lengthy career in the human resources field, beginning before ns joined Goldman Sachs. I had actually confidence in the depth of mine knowledge and also practical experience, but I was mindful that I had not had actually the possibility to examine the ar academically. So, beginning in 2008, ns joined a regimen at a graduate college for mid-career students, and also in 2010, I gained my MBA. The course focused on person resources management and international management. Ns was able to fulfill my goals of connecting mine experiences with theory, and I think this is really helpful in my present business. The course, my managers were an extremely supportive.

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I gained my first experience in human being resources management at the agency I joined appropriate out the college, and I have operated in human being resources at a few companies, yet I think no place can be far better than the Goldman Sachs Human funding Management department in terms of expert goals. Optimal management has actually high expectations of the Human funding Management team, and also sometimes i feel the pressure, but when I have actually done a great job I acquire concrete feedback right away. Once I have actually ideas, people listen come me, and also discuss things openly no issue what your position. That renders life exciting for me together a person resources professional.

world have their very own reasons for picking to work-related where they do, but for world who room ambitious, ns can"t imagine a far better place to occupational than Goldman Sachs. We have outstanding people from all over the world, who occupational to better themselves if reinforcing every other"s strengths, working together as a team. At Goldman Sachs we have true teamwork. Among the huge attractions of functioning for Goldman Sachs is the there space lots of methods for feedback, not just from managers, yet from peers, subordinates and mentors. For civilization who want to be genuine professionals, and have a opportunity to work on a worldwide level, I would certainly encourage castle to apply to Goldman Sachs.