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Well. This wasn't that enjoyable for me.The story was a little serious for a hentai. This girl has actually a sexual relationship with some guy, and she keeps imagining the she's getting raped by him in school. But, as soon as they actually execute it, it's not rape.The art was great. The girl looked nice, and also the animation wasn crappy in ~ all.The sound was really great. The moans were good, the SFX were good, and also that's every I deserve to really say sound wise.The character advance could've been better. It was all work and also no play. Except the the opposite of that. I mean it to be all focused on coitus, and barely focused on character development. What I'm trying come say is that they could've obtained the viewers to get to recognize the characters. Do them feeling for the characters. Then perhaps I could've took pleasure in this hentai a many more.As I claimed in the very first sentence, this was not enjoyable for me. And the character advancement is more than likely why. If this paragraph was longer, I'd simply be saying the same thing ns did in the character development paragraph.Overall, this was a crappy hentai. The storyline was bad, and also the character advance was bad. The soun and art to be good, though. Thank you for analysis this review.