Vegeta states this line after the fight through Cell. Is this a dub error? Or does he say somepoint equivalent in the original? Since come following saga he is training aobtain and even ridiculing Gohan for slacking


Vegeta does not say anything about relating to be a warrior. The just thing that he claims is that he will certainly never before fight again.

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Here is word-by-word of what Vegeta says in that scene:

Vegeta: I've been completely outdone by them, both the father and also the kid. D- damn you, Kakarrot! Dying the means you did! I won't ever before fight aobtain. <1> <2> <3> <4>

The Funimation dub maintained it almost word-to-word from the manga, but they did add some added words that is to be expected.

I think you've acquired to take it in conmessage. He had been surpassed by both Goku and Gohan, there was no existing enemy, and also Goku was dead so he had actually no swarm at redemption, so he just decided his days as a warrior were over.

After the dust cleared, his Saiyan dna drove him to save training, given that he still felt "the calling" to achieve better levels, but he probably intended to store his word of never fighting till Goku obtained his sooner or later earlier and also provided him his shot at redemption and also the story goes on from tbelow. I don't think he ever went back on his word, at least not in the way he intended it.

He does lose interest in fighting in the bojack movie vegeta doesn't care around fighting he's simply lieing on the bed. Its only trunks obtaining his ass handed to him that breaks him out of it. Don't understand how much of the movies acquire classed as lore though.

None of it. Even tho it's among the only movies that deserve to extremely conveniently fit in the canon, it's still technically non-canon.

He doesn't fight aacquire. not really. he spends 7 years just minding his very own company. at a specific allude he need to have become more powerful than gohan the slacker yet he never tries to take over the people or fight gohan. he only desires to fight goku and also that was never before meant to be a genuine fight. prior to all the buu drama begins goku and vegeta plan to fight as part of the tenkaichi. that's much from a death match.

He does say that he would never fight aget. It's clear that Toryiama wanted to finish DBZ after the Cell saga, everyone had actually clocertain, also Vegeta.

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Him saying that is the identical to human being saying their new years resolution is to go to the gym more regularly.