To moscow i came seeking fortuneBut theyre make me occupational till ns deadThe borshaze have actually it for this reason easyThe tzar placing gold top top his breadThe world of moscow room hungryBut think what a feast there might beIf we might create a Socialist stateThat cared for the human being like me...I to be the man who arranges the blocks that Descend upon me from increase aboveThey come down and i rotate them approximately till lock fit in the ground prefer hand in gloveSometimes it seems that to move blocks is fineAnd the lines will certainly be developed as they fallThen i check out that i have misjudged itI must not have actually nudged the after allCan i have actually a long one please(pause)Why should these infernal block tease?I to be the man who arranges the block that continue to fall from increase aboveCome Moscow fightLet the workers uniteA collective regime of peace and also loveI occupational so tough in arranging the blocksBut the landlord and tax male bleed me dryBut the workers will riseWe will not compromiseFor we recognize that the old regime have to dieLong live LenninKill the TzarWe salute the sickle and also starI to be the guy who arranges the block that continue to fall from increase aboveThe food on your plate now belongs come the stateA collective regime of peace and also loveI have no selection in arranging the blocksOn the bolchervik ruleWhat they say goesThe dominion of the video game is we all space the sameAnd mine boocks must create unbroken rowsLong live StalinHe loves youSing these words or you understand what he"ll doI am the male who arranges the blocksThat room made by the men in KazakhstanThey come 2 mainly lateAnd they not tessilateBut we"re functioning to stalins 5 year planI am the guy who arranges the tanksThat will certainly make all the nazis save awayThe fürer is deadAnd Europe is redLet us point all our weapons at the USAWe chandelier live forever moreWe deserve to start a nuclear warI to be the male who arranges the blocksThat are made in a highly mystery placeHip i know well hurrah for the USSRWe are sending out our men to external spaceI job-related so difficult in arranging the blocksBut every night ns come house to my mam in tearsWhat"s the point of the allWhen you"re building a wallAnd in front of her eyes the disappearsPointless work for pointless payThis is one video game I shall no playI am the male who arranges the blocksBut tomorrow ns think I"ll continue to be in bedThe winter is cold ns have acquired plenty the goldAnd I"m standing in line because that a loaf of breadMaybe we"d be better offIf we brought down your görbæshoffI am the guy who arranges the blocksThat continue to loss from up aboveThe industries are free so much money for meTell me why have to I treatment for peace and loveThe industries are totally free so much money because that meTell me why need to I treatment for peace and lovePeace and love peace and also love peace and loveAnd currently the wall surface is downThe marsists frownedThe"re foreign shops almost everywhere townWhen in Red SquareWe don"t despairThere"s Levis and McDonalds thereThe US offered us crystal methAnd youghtzi drank himself to deathAnd now Putin threw the boot right into anyone that gets in our waySo we disapprove the enterprise once againThe left will certainly risePrepare the flags to it is in in flowBecause we room seceding from the worldWe shall gain back the Georgian soilWe shall acquire the metropolitan coilWe shall arrange the glarts and toilsForever and todayYay (mumbles)

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