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Neutral Response describes a scene from the animated television series Futurama in which an extraterrestrial personality reveals he has actually "no strong feelings one means or the other." due to the fact that a clip of the scene to be uploaded come YouTube in 2009, viewers have voted the likes and dislikes in approximately equal numbers.


On November 28th, 1999, Season 2 illustration of Futurama title "Brannigan, start Again" was broadcast, special a "Neutral" extraterrestrial reveals the he has "no strong feelings one way or the other." top top April 14th, 2009, YouTuber leetag uploaded a clip that the step (shown below). End the next seven years, the video gained end 5.6 million views and 26,000 comments, if the like and also dislike counts remained about equivalent.


On October 18th, 2011, Redditor fenshield submitted a screenshot the leetag"s YouTube upload title "I see what you did there, YouTube users," which emphasize the like and dislike counts (shown below, left). Prior to being archived, the short article gained over 2,400 clues (85% upvoted) and also 170 comment on /r/reddit.com.<2> On august 1st, 2012, Tumblr<7> user lazarus-james posted another screenshot that the video"s tantamount likes and dislikes (shown below, right).


On July 27th, 2013, Imgur<8> user chairmanmow submitted picture macro that the Neutral character, together with the subtitle "I have actually no strong feelings / one means or the other" (shown below).


On respectable 3th, Redditor zlypher it is registered the YouTube video clip to /r/mildlyinteresting,<1> noting the the "like/dislike meter" was "completely neutral." On august 18th, 2015, Redditor ompan it is registered leetag"s video to the /r/videos<3> subreddit, noting the it still had actually an equal amount that likes and also dislikes after six years. Within eight months, the write-up garnered upwards the 7,200 votes (83% upvoted) and also 970 comments. In January 2016, a question asking if the likes and also dislikes counts were "legit" or an "Easter egg" was submitted come Quora.

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<6> on April 14th, Redditor impressive_speciment reposted the video, noting the the video clip held equal likes and dislikes for 7 years. In five days, the write-up gained end 7,700 votes (77% upvoted) and 460 comments on /r/videos.<4>