The late George Carlin said, “I’ll leave signs to the symbol minded.” I’m not sure he had the current events in southern Carolina or the Confederate Flag in mind when he added that beat on words come his standup act.

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Segregated gas station restrooms, drinking fountains, drive-in movie theaters, and also restaurants. I observed the an initial James shortcut film, “Dr. No” in a segregated theater.

It to be a an extremely tough time in America if you to be black. And a major part of the unrest had actually to execute with lingering bad feelings over the polite War.

A teammate and I obtained an offer to play college basketball in Texas for this reason in 1961 we took a train south to visit the school before making our decision.

One of our stops to be in small Rock, Arkansas. Where just a few years earlier the 101st Airborne Troops were referred to as in come escort black color students into main High institution in little Rock.

We got in a little café in the train station to seize a sandwich. ~ a couple of minutes us noticed we were the only two white world in the place.

Having followed the small Rock story top top TV we both sensed we might be in the wrong ar at the wrong time. Us were right.

When us left the restaurant us were surrounded by a group of very agitated, really white people, wanting come know, “What the hell we believed we to be doing.”

Luckily for us they thought our honest mistake and let united state board our train. Not certain the local cops would have believed us had actually they decided to contact them.

I don’t remember any flying that the Confederate Flag while i attended school but I’m certain it was in the city somewhere. After all the Civil battle had finished just 96 years earlier. Numerous current citizens at the time had actually grandfathers who combated in that conflict.

The football players referred to the 2 of united state as “Yankees.” A derogatory ax at an initial but after ~ a time that became more respectful. Especially since we were winning much more games 보다 they were. Yet us never lost the Yankee moniker.

People in the south at the time had a very sour taste around the war and were not afraid to present it. Your plantations burned, towns burned, friends, family and also relatives killed. Girlfriend don’t obtain over that once you have grandpa there to call the tale of living v it.

The Confederate Flag to be a typical symbol that also in loss it offered southerners something to rally around and maintain your self-respect.

No one seemed upset when the “Dukes that Hazzard,”boys Bo and also Luke duke jumped into the orange dodge Charger dubbed the “General Lee” with the stars and also bars emblazoned top top the roof.

Those life in other parts the our country find it tough to fathom hold respect for a symbol wherein one side to be fighting to preserve the slavery of other human beings.

Having seen first hand american treated together second-class citizens simply since of the color of your skin doesn’t assist rectify freedom fighters and the Confederate Flag.

Our own “Star Spangled Banner” flew end Japanese Internment camps and also Guantanamo Bay.

American troops carried it right into battle against American Indians. However we allude to it through pride when cherry picking only the an excellent it stand for.

No one desires it gotten rid of from the roof the the White home or any kind of public buildings. We hold our hands end our hearts during the nationwide Anthem as a sign of respect.

Should Gettysburg be led over? must the Jefferson Memorial be leveled because it payment homage to a male who not only kept slaves yet fathered some as well?

Should us erase Mt. Rushmore due to the fact that one of the chiseled faces looked on one more human being together property?

When you’re top top the exterior looking in it’s really easy to allude fingers. However when you grew up through it, lived it 24/7, change often comes slowly.

Shouldn’t the be a matter for those who need to look up at it waving in the southern breeze every day?

It seems we pick and also choose our specific brand of politics correctness. Ns elevate myself, if I reduced you, based on how ns think you should think and also feel never having actually lived your life. Climate I move on to the following politically exactly cause.

Is the Confederate Flag racist? Or is that a prize of respect because that those who died fighting because that a reason they thought in in ~ the time?

If slavery were still exercised in the south today I would certainly oppose it. However a flag, a symbol of a i delivered era — i don’t think so.

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It’s the act, no the symbol, i m sorry carries the most weight in our collective intelligence. There was one phrase that i heard a lot during my time in Texas.