Short and also punchy, GIFs space the best means to say everything without saying anything at all. But how do you do a GIF native a video online? and what are the best free GIF makers?

No worries. We’ll show you every little thing you require to recognize (and more!) about making those bite-sized wonders, otherwise recognized as GIFs. Clock the video below or check out on for a quick how-to.

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Why perform we love GIFs so much?

If a snapshot says a thousands words, a GIF claims a million.

GIFs room usually quick scenes from famous TV shows and movies, turned into mini-video snippets. Emotion sad? yes a GIF for that. Find a $50 keep in mind on the ground? GIFs have actually you covered.

This straightforward but reliable bit the media has become a clip in our stays — on social media, through messenger apps, and even in rectal emails. However why?


Scenes that come to be GIFs typically express emotions in a big, recognizable way. By distilling a video clip down to its emotional core, a GIF creates a shortcut of sorts. One instant link to the feeling or idea you space trying to convey.

For those of us who watch method too lot TV, pop-culture GIFs have the added bonus of instantly connecting us with various other fanatics.

It’s like interaction at hyper-speed. And also it functions for just around any situation.

GIFs rarely last end 5 seconds, and also they usually have actually small record sizes, for this reason they nothing prevent net pages from loading quickly. Lock are likewise shareable v a basic copy-paste, make them basic addition to interior comms, marketing, communicating with your audience, or anything in between.

If you want to do an prompt emotional connection with her audience, a GIF is one easy method to execute it. A high-five GIF states so much an ext than a “Yay!” ever will.


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Choosing the right video clip clip for her GIF

You want to do a GIF, yet how execute you go around selecting the right video clip clip?

GIFs space short. Really short. And also they’re all about communicating one emotion, one feeling, one idea. Don’t get recorded up in trying to communicate a whole saga — that’s what a an excellent video is for. Think that a GIF as a distillation of everything you desire to to speak in just a couple of seconds.

Suppose a coworker speak you their auto got dinged ~ above the means to work. Possibly an man GIF of someone crying in a pond of their very own tears will carry out the trick. Or a clip of who so angry that their head transforms red like a ripe tomato.

Or perhaps something choose this:


Remember, short and punchy. It is the surname of the GIF game. If you need inspiration, the GIFY home page is a great place to start.

Pro tip: want to uncover a video clip clip the hasn’t already been turned into a GIF zillions that times? has actually thousands of clips to select from, add to a substantial library that custom, GIF-worthy animations.

How to do a GIF online for free

While there room a most ready-made GIFs accessible on platforms favor Giphy, make your very own is quite painless and allows you to express yourself using even the most obscure references.

Here room a couple of of the best cost-free online GIF makers.


Giphy is a supervisor quick and also easy-to-use GIF maker. You have the right to make a GIF using the video clip URL from a video hosting platform like YouTube, or by uploading her own video file. When Giphy isn’t particularly sophisticated, the doesn’t must be. It only took us a few minutes to produce this GIF from one of our animations. The so basic you’ll feel favor dancing.


1. Sign in and also select “Create” in the peak right hand corner.


2. Make your GIF.

Upload her video, then trim that by picking the duration and the begin time.

3. Select “Continue come Decorate”.

This takes you come the customization screen. Here you can include captions, stickers, filters, and your own squiggles and also bits. You deserve to skip this step completely if you want. Otherwise, obtain decorating and click ‘Continue to Upload’ as soon as done.

4. Share her GIF

That’s it! you’ve made your GIF. Now share it through your audience, friends and family, or coworkers.

Make a GIF

If you’re trying to find a slightly more sophisticated, however equally fast GIF creator, do a GIF might be the one because that you. Store in mind you’ll need a premium account to remove the make a GIF watermark and also to access special functions like high-definition GIFs.

You can develop a do a GIF account or proceed without one. Do a GIF allows you to develop high-quality man GIFs from:

images YouTube videos on facebook videos A video you upload Webcam

Here’s how you do it.

1. Upload your GIF.

For this example, we’ll pick “Video to GIF”. After friend upload your video, customize that by adding stickers and also captions and adjusting GIF speed, length, and also start time. Once you’re happy, select “Continue to Publishing”.

2. Name and also tag her GIF.

Give her GIF a name, a category, and a couple of tags so it deserve to be found easily. Once you’re done, choose “Create a GIF” in the bottom right.

3. Watch your GIF in action.

Now your GIF is prepared to be sent out out across the web.

(Note the watermark in the bottom right edge of the GIF. This will certainly be clearly shows as lengthy as you use a an easy account.)

Making a GIF on her mobile phone

You’re ~ above the train. You’re on a bus. You’re out at lunch. You want to make a GIF however you’re far from the computer. Fortunately, the folks in ~ GIPHY have a equipment to all your troubles.

Here’s just how to do a GIF on her mobile call in seconds.

GIPHY application (Android and iOS)

1. Tap “Create” in the top-right corner of the screen.

The symbol for this step alternates between a ‘+’ symbol and a camera icon, yet they both take it you to the exact same place.

2. Discover your video in her camera roll, located at the bottom left the the screen. Insanity it, and also it’ll upload to the GIPHY app.

3. Customize her GIF.

Here room your customization options:

Trim the length of the clip using the scissors icon. (6.5 secs is the max.) include stickers to your GIF through tapping the sticker icon. Insanity the two attached circles to add filters. Include text by picking the “aA” message symbol.

4. Adjust the element ratio of her GIF.

Tap the chop symbol in the optimal right corner to change the aspect ratio. Us recommend 1:1 for many cases. You deserve to also adjust what component of your video clip is shown.

Click ‘Continue’ when you’re done.

4. Click the right-pointing arrowhead to export her GIF. either tap ‘Save GIF’ to download to her phone, or ‘Upload come GIPHY’ to put your GIF top top GIPHY’s servers for easy accessibility wherever you are.

Here’s the last version of our GIF using the GIPHY app.

How to do a GIF on her desktop

For most situations, an application or a web-based GIF machine does the trick. However if you require a higher level of sophistication and control, Photoshop is a powerful option for developing GIFs.

Using Photoshop

If you’re using Photoshop, we’re walk to assume you’re nice tech-savvy (and have an Adobe Suite plan.) here’s the low-down on exactly how to make a GIF through Photoshop.

1. open Photoshop (we’re using Photoshop CC 2017).

2. walk to document → income → video Frames to Layers.

3. To pick the part of the video clip you desire to use, note “Selected selection Only” in the dialogue box, climate slide the trim controls listed below the video clip to point out the range.

4. you can additionally lower the structure rate come conserve record size.

5. Make certain the ‘Make framework Animation’ crate is checked, and also hit ‘OK.’

6. walk to file → violin → conserve for net (Legacy). (File → conserve for web in previous versions.)

There are heaps of options here. You deserve to limit the file size by playing with the number of colors or the image Size options, yet if you nothing mind how huge your GIF is, simply hit save, and also you’re done. Easy.

Great tradition GIFs start with an excellent custom videos

In this post, we confirmed you how to do GIF papers from a video. But we desire to underscore that you require a great video to do a good GIF. has actually thousands of piece of animated and also live-action content and an extensive choice of GIF-worthy share footage to choose from. Discover your next short masterpiece in — and also get GIFing.

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Ready because that something a small longer? do jaw-dropping videos utilizing’s large template library or start from scrape to let her inner video-making genius sing.