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Jesus is the oneYes that is (He's the one)Free Palestine, free Tay-KR.I.P Betty WhiteShe ain't dead but for as soon as she dice 'cause I recognize it's coming upWoah, Kenny!Bitch, you much better praise God or I'ma shoot and also that's top top GodI ain't playing 'bout mine Lord and also savior, I'm on mine jobIf you ain't a Christian, I'ma stab you in the faceIf that ain't 'bout Jesus, I'ma hit you v this KDi–>Zack, friend ready?Yeah, alright walk ahead(Jesus is the one)Hell yeah, praise Jesus Christ, niggaFree Palestine, totally free Tay-KIt's the trap game Abraham LincolnFour score and also sixteen bars agoR.I.P. Betty WhiteShe ain't dead however for once she die 'cause I know it's comes upWoah, Kenny!
Lil' bitch, just how you no gon' crap on a real nigga?Yeah, I'm obtaining paid, still late on my bills, niggaYour bitch at my crib, I simply let her charge the iPhoneAsked me if these diamonds, nah bitch, these some rhinestonesArmpit musty, Reeboks dustyMy display got cancelled 'cause white persons don't to trust meNow I'm in the piece club v glue ~ above the bottom of mine shoeNigga, that's just how I doAyy, I'm thefts money from these bitchesI'm hittin' licks year 'round choose it's ChristmasI acquired addictionsI take it the condom off and drunk my nut, it's deliciousI wanna obtain a whip and also crash it into white-owned businessesAyy, nah, organize on, I acquired this hookAyyAyy, ayy, ayyI'ma dip mine balls right into some thousand Island dressing'Cause I acquired depressionI'ma stop my taxes then I'ma gain arrested'Cause I acquired depressionI'ma rob mine mama and also I'ma spend the money top top a old Chevy'Cause I gained depressionEverybody know, nigga, you require to find out your fuckin' lessonNigga, I gained depression, ayy

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Shoutout mental illness, shoutout psychological illnessDude if you obtained a mental illness, prefer fuckin' rotate up dudeLike seriously, dudeLike every little thing the posesthe you acquired going on, dudeFuckin'- you're medicated, you're no medicated dudeLike serious fuckin'- bro I placed my fuckin'-I placed my penis in a bag that DoritosAnd do this nigga bitch suck the dust off the tip>Hahahaha (Bro you're done, you're done bro)I'm not done however (Br-bro, you're done, bro)I made her suck the dust off the tip, nigga I'm in the whipMy Uber swimming pool doin' 85 down the stripEverybody know that I'm a fuckin' CripNah, currently I'm a Nazi, currently I'm eatin' TakisAh-ye-yeah I supplied to provide respect to mine mommyBut now I don't, every time she recorded me out here eatin' in the cribI say bitch- she stated she gon' whoop me, I claimed no you won't(Bro, you're done, bro)My mama tried to whip me, my daddy tried to kiss meEverybody understand think tha-Everybody out below think I acquired shot favor 50, however no ns didn'tEhhm- (Ehhm, ehhm)I used to be a Blood, now I'm Crippin', yeah, I'm false claimin'I supplied to watch Vampire Diaries, team DamonAlright, you got that? (Yeah, ns think so)Alright, us puttin' the on Spotify? (Yeah, tomorrow)'Cause nigga I obtained depression (Zack come the end of the booth bro, you're excellent bro)Huh? (You're excellent rapping bro)What? done what? (Rapping)Why? (This episode is not an alleged to go like this)(Verse 2) (You just did 6 verses)Verse 2 bro (Bro, you've just rapped for 8 minutes)Ayy, Elon Musk, hit me up on SoundCloudEverybody wanna know and now they fuckin' hatin' nowI pull up through the stick and also now I obtain to sprayin' nowI supplied to it is in gay and also now I'm fuckin' straightened outYeah, they had to steel me outI gained the prick out the booty 'cause they tired me the end (Bro, bro it's over, bro, it's over)They had to stole me outGot the dick out the loot 'cause they tired me outKenny (What?)You document that? (No)Fuck this shit nigga, I'm finna go work with Murda Beatz