I offered To think is a funny and also bizarre repertoire of concepts that adults believed were true as soon as they were children. It will remind you what it was prefer to it is in a child, fascinated and horrified through the civilization in equal parts. The following pages will certainly reassure you the the points you provided to believe weren"t for this reason strange after all...

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You can add your own to the site. If girlfriend think your beliefs were strange, check out our most typical beliefs and also discover that you"re no alone!

Some locations of this site contain contents which is not an ideal for children.

I mixed up Egypt and also China, reasoning they to be the same location at different times. I additionally threw in “Europe” as well, all together one country. Reference Sawgwa and also Schoolhouse Rock.

Miru (from the people : places)

I supplied to think you had to be an adult come drink family chemicals

Anon (from at house : about the house)


I flourished up believing meerkats have actually human hands due to the fact that I learned around meerkats indigenous The Lion King.

Anon (from pets : general)

I used to think there were only 6 work of the main : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Ns was puzzled when I an initial heard around Wednesday

Anon (from time : general)

I distinctly remember thinking in elementary institution that there to be an English native "ol", together in "I ol walk to the keep this afternoon" or "They ol it is in surprised when they view this".

Travis (from language : spelling)

When i was small I assumed that dying her hair way you death your hair.

Anon (from body components : hair)

I offered to belive kissing boys made her teeth loss out.

Anon (from body attributes : general)

I used to belive the zombie hands would burst trough the floor and also grab mine ankles.

Anon (from make-believe : monsters)

Because both the supervisor Mario and also Cars franchises have characters named Luigi, ns figured every franchise including racing had actually to have a Luigi. I even consisted of a song referred to as “Every race has a Luigi”

Anon (from people : names)

I provided to it is in terrified of remote people because I thought that they had empty eye sockets and that’s why they wore sunglasses. However, ns was never freaked the end of Geordi LaForge indigenous Star Trek TNG

Anon (from body components : eyes)

I used to believe that the nation then referred to as Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso) to be a hydroelectric power station.

Amanda (from the people : places)

I assumed “Human Centipede” was a sex act

Anon (from media : films)

I provided to believe that scientists were robots and they had some kind of chip in your brain.

Anon (from science : technology)

When ns was a boy I supplied to be fear of clowns because they provided to have very huge shoes

LIZA (from human being : clowns)

When ns was a kid I offered to think that the sun was chasing me .

Christopher (from nature : weather)

When ns was a boy I thought that if you allude to the rainbow mine finger will rot, yet now ns realize the it is not true

Anabel Pila (from nature : weather)

When i was a child, I provided to believe that teachers never ever leave school and also slept in the chairs.

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Majo (from college : teachers)

I used to think that when I rotate on the radio, every the music teams played on the station to play the music.

IVAN COQUE (from media : radio)

I supplied to think that once I listened to songs end the radio it was the artist to sing their tune to that particular radio station . Ns think they must have gotten so exhausted singing all days!.