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I Wipe mine Ass, ns Slap my Nuts describes a parody that the lyrics to the track "Radioactive" by Imagine dragons which originated together a text post on Tumblr and was later on recreated in images and utilized in an audio remix that included lyrics to the original parody.


In the 2012 track "Radioactive" through Imagine Dragons, the text in the prechorus read:

I"m waking approximately ash and also dustI wipe mine brow and I sweat mine rust

In in march of 2017, a text article originally written by Tumblr user butchgomezaddams spread, reading:

im waking upto ash and dusti wipe mine brow and i slap mine nuts

The original short article is deleted. User samtchalla reblogged the post on march 17th, 2018.<1> it has got over 71,000 note (shown below).



On April 21st iFunny user HiggsBoson<2> created an extensive version the the text which were offered in a parody of the track that iFunny user MLPFun<3> posted on April 22nd, 2018 (Youtube backup shown below, left). The audio was offered in a couple of more video clip parodies on YouTube, every utilizing various footage. Another edit through YouTuber Funee supplied footage from a WWE 2k game, acquiring over 2,000 views (shown below, right).

The text were additionally used in some photo parodies. On June 25th, 2018, on facebook meme page Organically Grown memes posted a parody that supplied the lyrics as dialogue choices in Detroit: come to be Human, getting over 1,900 likes and reactions (shown below, left). A Spotify Playlist post parody showed up on Imgur top top June 24th (shown below, right).

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