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History Channel’s Ice road Truckershad a great long run with its 11 seasons. Not numerous truck chauffeurs can last very long the end in the harsh eye storms that Canada and also Alaska, however there to be one woman who knew she had actually what it took. Lisa Kelly was originally featured as the first and only woman on the reality TV display until Maya Sieber was introduced, but she quickly ended up being a popular character till the display ended in 2017.

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Originally born in cool Rapids, Michigan, Lisa’s family members made the big move to Wasilla, Alaska once she was just six year old. She declared that she had actually no intention of becoming a truck driver, but watching she parents’ clinical careers scared her from going the exact same route. She returned to Grand Rapids because that a second time to attend Cornerstone University, yet later dropped out. Instead, she organized a wide selection of tiny jobs, including working at a gas station and also as a institution bus driver. It wasn’t until she had a project as a pizza shipment driver that she realized she loved being behind the wheel. This eventually pushed she into getting her CDL.

Lisa Kelly’s Ice road Truckers Career

In an interview during Trucking HR Canada?s yearly Women with Drive event, Lisa opened up up and also gave world an within look right into what the was favor showcasing she career together an American trucker ~ above the dangerous Alaskan roadways for the show.

Lisa now has an approximated net worth of $500,000, yet it was definitely a grind to obtain where she is today. Lisa landed her an initial big rig task with a trucking agency by the surname of Carlile Transportation. It to be there the she realized simply how hard she had to job-related to prove herself. She stated that because she was a woman, she felt as if civilization were waiting for her to fail, and that she would certainly be quick to get referred to as out ~ above mistakes that other drivers would normally obtain away with.

Her ceo forwarded a number because that the TV show and asked if she wanted to be part of it, and Lisa agreed before she even knew what it was about. After ~ getting an ext info, it was made clear that she was picked to be “eye candy” because that the viewers. This only urged her more to prove that she was qualified of much more than simply looking good. The much more she drove, the enlarge her pan base got. While in the lengthy run she may not have actually been shown exactly how she want in the show, she still without doubt proved that she to be a hard-working woman.

Many write-ups came out with Lisa as the subject, yet they focused on looks much more than anything. Once asked how she felt around an post calling her the “Sexiest Trucker Alive,” she chuckled and listed that it was better than being known as the fattest trucker alive. Regardless, her time top top the display granted her with much more fame than she had before, and also she talked about the multiple fans that stop her follow me her journeys.

Not just was she part of the display for eight seasons, but she additionally was affiliated in the spinoff, IRT: deadliest Roads v Rick Yemm and also Alex Debogorski, wherein she spent a couple of month driving in India, Bolivia, and also Peru. In later on years that IRT, she started working because that Darrell Ward’s brand-new company, prior to his fatality after season 10. ~ finishing off the critical season v the show, she’s very grateful for her time invested on screen, and admitted, ?I don?t know exactly how it went therefore long. I?m simply pleasantly surprised.”

Lisa Kelly’s personal Life

Still resident in Alaska, Lisa has been married to Traves Kelly because 2008, but they execute not have any kids. Traves is one Aleut indigenous Alaskan and large into motocross, which is perfect because that Lisa. Oh, did we mention that she to be a state freestyle motocross champion earlier in the day? In her spare time, Lisa likewise enjoys riding dirt bikes, and horse riding, snowboarding, skydiving, and also hang gliding. Safe to say she enjoys life life top top the edge.

Lisa is likewise a large animal lover. She own a miniature equine named Rocky and a cat called Tanzi. Throughout her time on IRT: deadliest Roads, she even brought a puppy for the ride, which she named Rampur Jackson. After ~ the present was finished, the puppy to be happily taken home by among the producers from the show.

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Lisa showed to everyone the just because she has an excellent looks and blonde hair, doesn’t median she’s remote to difficult work. This chick is probably tougher than most of the men on the roadways today. Possibly one day we will see her return to the television screen for one more show, but until then, us wish her the finest of luck the end on the roads.