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This track right here, is for the oneNot the ones the think lock the onesBut this is because that the one, the knows she"s the one& those ones the think they the one can think this the one about the oneBut this is the one around the one that knows she"s the oneAuthenticity resides deep in ~ the wordsDreamin" that the sky, & she"s sleeping with the birds& when she wakes up, she"s prettier 보다 ever, she don"t ever need no make upEvery single night us conversate, & we stay up 6 hours talking top top the phoneIt assures me when I look into your eyes I"m not aloneShe"s ain"t trippin" top top no facebook statues, or i m sorry girl that isShe to trust me & ns never ever dare to take advantageGrab me by my hand & she inquiry me if ns knew Spanish& i told her Si, poquito mi amor. I"m not your averageNot simply my lover, you"re mine bestfriendMy proud & pleasure & ns will never treat you much less thanWe both acquired a past but don"t allow it ruin our futureThat beautiful voice is something I"m ready to obtain used toI mean, i ain"t the type to have actually theses girls on the sideBetter yet, I"m the form to keep that girl by mine sideShe said "I love you to the moon & back"& i replied, through a smile, "I love friend too, in fact."I have trust in me & you, infant don"t destroy thatSo, if I provided you my love what would certainly you execute with that?What would certainly you carry out if I offered you mine heart?Would friend treat the with treatment or would certainly you rest it apart?& I know you acquired your security up, you"re just playing the smartCause you dealt with to plenty of niggas just playing apartI evaluate all the time you to be there because that meEvery time i stressed the end & we talked it"s favor therapyYou take it the pains away with nothing yet a sentenceSo I"m wishing the this conversation"s endlessBut if not, let"s do it last. Even when it"s hard to laugh you do me laughEvery time ns fucked up, you had actually the love to take me backLook, I recognize it"s crazy yet I think you"re the oneGot me reasoning commitment, even raising a child hahYou know I"m play wit girlfriend girl, don"t acquire excitedI mean any thing"s feasible just counts on the timingSo tell me when you"re all set girl, I"ll wait "til the start& think about what girlfriend would carry out if I offered you mine heartShe said "I love you come the moon & back"& i replied, through a smile, "I love friend too, in fact."I have trust in me & you, infant don"t damage thatSo, if I gave you my love what would certainly you do with that?