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Oh, friend can't listen me crySee my dreams all dieFrom wherein you're standing, on your ownIt's so quite here, and also I feel so coldThis home no longer, feels like homeI ain't focusin' on friend (On you)I be focusin' on me (On me)Without depression and the are afraid of being acceptedMan, I'm finally free (I'm free)This city real crazy, it's complete of problematicsBut i gotta stay focused, and I gotta continue to be at it (I gained it)They hatin' top top me, reason of these hopeful vibesI'm funna do it to the top, one soon or far day (One day)But ns can't stop now, reason I'm chasin' my dreams (My dreams)They it is in hatin' ~ above me, reason they ain't got any kind of dreams (No dreams)I'm grindin', I'm shinin'I really gotta' gain itWanna travel wit' my little sleepyhead, so i really gotta gain itI'm grindin', I'm shinin'I really gotta' get itWanna travel v my small sleepyhead, so i really gotta get itSo, I'll risk every little thing it takes, if it way being through herCause being through her, is the most crucial thingAnd anyone knows how much i love her, i really really miss herOne day I'm funna make it come the top(Yuh, ns promise that)

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One day, everything can it is in okayNext point you know, that feels choose it's your an extremely last dayBut that's exactly how it be, things space crazy in this cityDeath is all i hear, fatality is every that i seeThis city genuine crazyEverybody in my city obtained a gun, us don't even understand why castle gotta' have a gunBut me, mine friends, and also my family, man, we gotta remain tuffCause due to the fact that I to be young, i was lackin' positivityBut look in ~ me nowThis rapper yes, really grindin', yes, really spitin' directly factsThey it is in haitin' ~ above me, however I ain't ever haitin' backI'm funna go and also live my dreams, I'm funna go and also live mine dreamsAnd I'm funna death em' through these dreamsI'm funna make it to the top, one dayOne day, I stated one dayI'm really funna gain itSince ns was young, I've been grindin'So I'm really funna shine, all these civilization they be haitin'Man, they be steppin' the end the lineIf anyone wanna beef, i don't also need a carI don't require a knife, or a gunI'm funna death em' with these barsMan, castle haitin' on me, however I'm grindin', I'm shinin'I said chu' I'm funna do it large and travelI called my tiny sleepyhead, I'll love her till' the an extremely endThey called me i couldn't be a rapper, but now check out meWhat upThese streets real crazyTold you ns wouldn't hold earlier on this tracksTold you ns was comin' for everythin'You thought I to be playin' (Haha, well ns wasn't)Yuh, no much more holdin' backI'm not playin' no moreYuh, psychic on the monitor "They Don't Understand"I told you i was back and I'm better(Yuh, I'm back and I'm better)Aye, I'm earlier and I'm betterNo jokin' wit' this things(Again and again)