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- also with a healthy arm, girlfriend don"t have a chance versus Jean Girard.

- every right, fellas. Girlfriend heard the man. Obtain the automobile off. Let"s go. -You men heard it.

- What"s going on?

- quickly you will recognize what the is prefer to be beat by the hand of somebody who is truly better than you.

- as William Blake wrote, The cut worm forgives the plow.

- Well, allow me just quote the late, great Colonel Sanders that said, I"m also drunk come taste this chicken.

- What"s that acquired to execute with this?

- I acquired a message for all of them. Ready? Shake and Bake!

- What does the do? Does the blow her mind? That simply happened!

- What is that, a record phrase or is the epilepsy?

- Shake and Bake. (2)


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Shake and Bake.
She said, No, you"re wrong. I said, You obtained a lumpy butt.
Shut up, you tiny pot-licker. I"ll placed you in a microwave.
And the an initial thing you gotta discover if you"re gonna it is in a racecar driver is girlfriend don"t listen to losers choose your know-it-all teacher overe here.
Mr. Bobby, there"s no smoking in here. -It"s all right, I"m a volunteer fireman.
Talladega Nights: The Ballad that Ricky Bobby Sound Clip


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Actors: will Ferrell (Ricky Bobby), man C. Reilly (Cal Naughton Jr.), Sacha Baron Cohen (Jean Girard), Michael Clarke Duncan (Lucius Washington), Leslie Bibb (Carley Bobby)

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