As a speak you room teaching or informing the audience around your topic. Being clear and also concise allows the audience come follow together with the info you space presenting. If the subject is complicated or unfamiliar come the audience, you might need come repeat your function throughout her speech, ensuring lock are maintaining up with the evidence you space presenting.

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Peanut butter and also jelly sandwiches deserve to be made in a number of ways. Now I will display you a way to keep the jelly so the it stays in the sandwich.

Explain the topic to the audience

Relate come what they know—this will help you save your audience’s interest in her topic.

All of us can remember eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and also ending with much more jelly on our hands than in ours stomachs. The stickiness that the jelly on ours fingers seemed to take a full bar the soap to wash away.

Define and explain come the audience how to use the information—letting her listeners know how the information can be supplied will assist make them active listeners.

Putting peanut butter top top both sides of the bread through jelly in the center will store the jelly in the sandwich and also not on your hands.

Make proof manageable

Be concise, however not therefore concise the you leaving the audience guessing the definition of what you are trying come say.

Jelly is sticky and also shouldn’t be spread on the bread, pipeline the audience guessing around the speech. Putting peanut butter on both political parties of the bread with jelly in the center will keep the jelly in the sandwich and not on her hands provides the audience enough information to recognize your meaning.

Include only essential information—allows because that the audience to focus on the key points and also not get recorded up in the smaller details.

Jiff peanut butter and Welch’s grape jelly consists of unnecessary information. Peanut butter and also jelly is an ext concise and also provides just the pertinent information.

Examples and visuals can aid break up details while still reinforcing her ideas.

Showing photos of a sandwich with peanut butter on both sides of bread versus a photo of peanut butter ~ above one side and also jelly top top the other, can assist reinforce your claim.


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