Oops! you just uncovered that a an important item unintentionally went into your recyclables or trash... And also the arsenal truck has currently picked the up.

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Is it feasible to find an important items picked up together recyclables or trash?

Sometimes. One crucial element is our capability to recognize the arsenal truck prior to it dumps its pack at ours facilities.

If her loss developed on the day you contact us, you could find your items. If your loss arisen prior come that, us cannot recover your items.

What steps should i take?

Contact united state immediately

Time is critical! Our home window of chance for being able to help you is typically very short.

Help us recognize the repertoire truck

If your arsenal is detailed by Montgomery County, call the Montgomery County"s Customer organization Center in ~ 311 (out-of-County: 240-777-0311).Our employee will determine which agency and truck serviced her home, and will contact our Shady Grove handling Facility and also Transfer terminal for you. If your repertoire is not listed by Montgomery County, please call the Shady Grove processing Facility and also Transfer station at 240‑777‑6560 with this information: the name of her collection firm If the firm does no take its lots to our Shady Grove processing Facility and also Transfer Station, we will certainly not have the ability to assist girlfriend further. the variety of the truck which serviced your deal with (contact the collection firm for this information) what time the the truck is booked to come to the Shady Grove processing Facility and Transfer station to unloading (contact the collection company for this information)

Other advantageous information is:

what time the beneficial item to be picked increase by the van whether the pickup to be at the beginning, middle, or end of the path this helps us recognize what ar of the truck fill to target in looking for your article

Once we understand the collection agency and truck, us will call our Scale house staff to identify whether the truck has currently dumped that load.

If the truck has actually not unloaded, we will watch for it to arrive. When the truck arrives, we will ask the driver to dump in a separate place on ours tipping floor. Us will call you appropriate away. If the truck has currently unloaded, the is as well late to find your item.

Be safe

Searching through recyclables or trash deserve to be dangerous. Dangers include slipping, falling, and getting reduced on sharp objects. You need to assess the importance of recovering your lost item loved one to this risks.

You should wear lengthy pants, and also sturdy footwear such together leather boots.

We will administer a hard hat, glasses, gloves, and also a vest.

Look with the unloaded material to uncover your item

If us succeed in having actually the truck"s load dumped separately, we will ask you to be at the Shady Grove processing Facility and Transfer station as shortly as this occurs. You will then have the ability to look with the pack to discover your items -- you will know ideal what bag, box, or item you room seeking.

We will help the you v search through the product at our discretion, if staff are available.

pack size and working conditions

A 10-ton heap of trash is approximately 30 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 8 feet high. It is usually really smelly and wet, and consists greatly of black and also white identical trash bags.

over there is much hefty truck website traffic in and out the the building, whereby it is an extremely loud, dusty, and dirty, with strong odors.

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Time obtainable to job-related

We have to clear out all trash the comes into the carry Station prior to our job is over. Therefore, we can offer you only a restricted time -- 30 minute -- for her search. If we find the search also dangerous at any kind of time, we might terminate it.