works to reduce the 4 major hazard determinants for preventable chronic diseases: tobacco usage, poor nutrition, lack of physical task, and excessive alcohol usage.

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Rapid Facts

1 in 4 babies is specifically breastfed through 6 months of age.14% of children aged 1 to 2 years and 16% of pregnant womales are iron deficient.Fewer than 1 in 10 US adults and also teenagers eat sufficient fruits and also vegetables.6 in 10 young people and 5 in 10 adults consume a sugary drink on a offered day.US diets are high in added sugars, sodium, and also saturated functions to rise healthy and balanced food choices in early on treatment and education and learning infrastructure, schools, workareas, and also communities.

Fast Facts

1 in 4 infants is specifically breastfed with 6 months of age.14% of children aged 1 to 2 years and also 16% of pregnant women are iron deficient.Fewer than 1 in 10 US adults and also adolescents eat sufficient fruits and also vegetables.6 in 10 young world and also 5 in 10 adults consume a sugary drink on a provided day.US diets are high in included sugars, sodium, and also saturated works to boost healthy food alternatives in early treatment and also education facilities, schools, workareas, and areas.

Good nutrition is vital for maintaining Americans healthy and balanced throughout the lifespan. A healthy and balanced diet helps kids grow and also build effectively and also reduces their threat of chronic illness, consisting of excessive weight. Adults that eat a healthy diet live much longer and also have actually a lower hazard of weight problems, heart illness, form 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. Healthy eating have the right to assist civilization with chronic diseases manage these conditions and also proccasion complications.

Most Americans, but, execute not have a healthy diet. Although breastfeeding is the appropriate resource of nutrition for babies, only 1 in 4 is specifically breastfed via 6 months of age as recommended. Fewer than 1 in 10 adults and also teens eat enough fruits and vegetables, and also 9 in 10 Americans aged 2 years or older consume more than the recommended amount of sodium.

In addition, 6 in 10 young civilization aged 2 to 19 years and 5 in 10 adults consume a sugary drink on a given day. Processed foods and sugary drinks include unrequired sodium, saturated fats, and also sugar to many kind of diets, boosting the hazard of chronic illness. supports breastfeeding and also healthier food and also drink selections in settings such as early on care and education framework, institutions, worksites, and neighborhoods.

The Harmful Effects of Poor Nutrition

Overweight and also Obesity

Eating a healthy diet, in addition to gaining sufficient physical activity and sleep, can assist kids thrive up healthy and also proccasion overweight and also weight problems. In the United States, 19% of young people aged 2 to 19 years and also 40% of adults have actually excessive weight, which have the right to put them at hazard for heart illness, type 2 diabetes, and also some cancers. In addition, excessive weight costs the US health treatment device $147 billion a year.

Heart Disease and Stroke

Two of the leading reasons of heart disease and also stroke are high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol. Consuming also a lot sodium can increase blood press and also the threat for heart illness and stroke. Current guidelines recommend acquiring much less than 2,300 mg a day, yet Americans consume even more than 3,400 mg a day on average.

Over 70% of the sodium that Americans eat comes from packaged, processed, store-bought, and restaurant foodstuffs. Eating foods items low in saturated fats and also high in fiber and also raising accessibility to low-sodium foods items, in addition to regular physical activity, deserve to aid prevent high blood cholesterol and high blood push.

Type 2 Diabetes

People who are overweight or have obesity are at boosted risk of type 2 diabetes compared to those at a normal weight bereason, over time, their bodies come to be much less able to usage the insulin they make. Of US adults, 88 million—more than 1 in 3—have actually prediabetes, and also even more than 8 in 10 of them don’t know they have it. Although incidence has decreased in current years, the number of adults through diagnosed diabetes has nearly doubled in the last 2 years as the US population has raised, aged, and also become more overweight.


An unhealthy and balanced diet ca rise the hazard of some cancers. Overweight and also weight problems are connected via at least 13 types of cancer, including endometrial (uterine) cancer, breast cancer in postmenopausal women, and also colorectal cancer. These cancers comprise 40% of all cancers diagnosed.

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Deficits in Brain Function

The brain develops a lot of easily in the first 1,000 days of life, from the begin of pregnancy to the child’s second birthday. Having low levels of iron in the time of pregnancy and also early on childhood is connected via psychological and also behavior delays in youngsters. Ensuring that iodine levels are high sufficient in the time of pregnancy likewise helps a growing baby have actually the finest brain advancement possible.