After spending much too many timelines cracking hills with naught to overview my search, i am make this guide to aid anyone else who is trying to find the far-off Friends achievement.

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1: Recommended set Up

Important Foreword:The distinct glowing beacon, as soon as spawning in mountains or ice, can spawn within of pre-damaged/cracked tiles. This method that in ~ the beginning of every battle, simply look in ~ every square. You might see a beacon glowing appropriate from the start! friend just have to know what to look for. See section 2 for numerous examples of beacons in mountains and section 4 for an instance of a beacon in ice so you know what specifically to look at for.

In fact, the vast majority of beacons you will more than likely encounter are discovered in this instances of pre-damaged/cracked mountain and ice locations!!!

1A. collection the game difficulty to simple mode. You room going to be wasting a many time and also firepower cracking mountains, and there’s no way Normal or difficult will give you the deluxe of totally free actions come break open up mountains. Not only do you need to crack dozens if not hundreds of mountains to discover what you are looking for, however once you crack it, you must then ruin it and also move a unit to pick up a drop.

1B. Bring Mechs with lots of firepower, and also AOE firepower as well. Science varieties that transaction no direct damage are that no help here. Mechs choose the winter Mech that can hit two far-off mountains in ~ the same time or the pho Mech that deals damages all approximately the target square room your finest friends for this hunt.

1C. as soon as you have your squad, it’s hill cracking time. Regulate the Vek through as couple of moves and also effort invested as possible (this is why you want to be on basic mode). Then invest all extra plot you have actually left over making use of your Mechs to attack mountains where you check out them. Once you crack a mountain (1 damage) friend should have the ability to see the glow best away. If friend don’t, relocate on come the next mountain. Be ready for a long grind, I invested at least 5, 10, or maybe even 15 timelines concentrated just on cracking mountains, remaining alive so ns didn’t obtain a video game over, and also not lot else.

2: Screenshot Walkthrough that What You space Looking For

2A. The glow you are looking for in a mountain, note the bottom left mountain has a yellow period inside.


2B. Pilot provides a remark, and also you see a tiny beacon ~ above the square now.


2C. move a Mech to pick up the small beacon.


2D. distinct FTL pod will arrive. Thankfully you only need to protect it, friend don’t have to hustle over and actually choose it up during the mission.


2E. opened the one-of-a-kind FTL themed pod…


2F. Earning the achievement.


3: various other Details

3A. There appears to be three complete special pilots. From what I have gathered, they room each tied to a specific zone. Mantis in Grassland, Rockman in Acidland, and also Zoltan in Desertland. Striked out statement proven to it is in false. Girlfriend only require one come unlock the achievement.

3B. every Pilot has very unique stats, if I ever before acquire castle all perhaps I’ll update the overview to show them all.

3C. As much as I can tell, over there is no surprise pilot in the final zone, no one in the Iceland zone. Ns am an extremely much not 100% specific about the Iceland region not having actually a pilot though, ns just have not found any type of evidence however to assistance that zone having a pilot. Striked out statement proven to be false.

4: edits / updates / Corrections

4A. Pods have the right to be found in the ice cream (Pinnacle) Zone. In truth they can be found here buried under the ice as well. So acquire cracking through those AOE attacks!


4B. As detailed above, beacons are shown to be found inside of hill squares and also potentially currently in frozen water/ice squares.

4C. specific special FTL aliens room not attached to a particular zone. Below is the Mantis being discovered in the Acid/Detrius zone.


4D. unique beacons can be discovered on any difficulty mode, consisting of hard. But great luck having the preventive time and resources to spend searching and also acquiring them on hard!


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special beacons, once spawning in hills or ice, deserve to spawn within undamaged tiles or pre-damaged tiles. This way that in ~ the start of every battle, just look at every square. You may see a beacon glowing appropriate from the start! you just have to know what come look for.

Bonus: alien Portraits and also Unique Stats

Using the above strategies and also tactics, ns was maybe to obtain every FTL alien pilot with simply a few hours specialized effort. So below are all the portraits the the an enig pilots and their stats!