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Apple has today do available for download iOS 9.1 beta 3 come those people registered through an official Apple developer account. Today’s pre-release seed to represent the next step in finalizing the iOS 9.1 software program in preparation for a publicly unveiling, and also comes 3 weeks ~ the Cupertino-based company seeded the initial iOS 9.1 beta to the developers community.

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Those who at this time have iOS 9.1 beta 2 mounted on any kind of compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch will certainly be able to accessibility today’s third beta as an Over-The-Air (OTA) update. This have the right to be accessed by launching the native Settings app, heading to General, and selecting Software Update to examine for an available update. The really IPSW document can also be downloaded manually from the apologize Developer Center for those who favor to have a physical copy that the installation document at hand. The firmware version that has actually been uploaded to Apple’s servers carries develop number 13B5130b.


As usual, the accompanying relax notes that have actually been uploaded together the firmware at the to apologize Developer Center, don’t provide a great deal the information around what’s actually brand-new in the release. Apologize has but included a “Notes and also Known Issues” ar that provides information around a number of known difficulties – in particular, bugs – with this beta 3 release. Worries include two-factor authentication because that iCloud Keychain accounts gift routed via beta servers, and also an concern whereby details users will be displayed a “Could Not collection Up iCloud Keychain” error. The contained information also mentions just how users have the right to workaround these existing bugs as well.

Apple has quietly snuck in four brand-new wallpapers as well. Over there are now 3 brand-new planets to pick from, while an existing wallpaper has actually been offered a slight makeover.

iOS 9.1 itself represents Apple’s extension of its mobile platform and also will ultimately introduce a number of brand-new features when it ultimately makes its method into the public domain. Support for Apple’s brand-new iPad agree is present within iOS 9.1, bringing compatibility updates to ensure the the company’s brand-new Smart Keyboard and also Apple Pencil accessories both duty correctly. Over there are additionally internal amendments to enable for a much more seamless experience as soon as using the iPhone and Apple’s new gaming-centric apple TV 4 when it ultimately launches this coming month.

It’s at this time unknown once iOS 9.1 will certainly make its means out of the pre-release stage, and finally it is in classified together being all set for tendency public consumption. That is extremely likely that us will check out at least another two betas introduced prior to that in reality happens. Until then, those through a registered developer account can gain immediate accessibility to 3rd beta best now.


Update x1: iOS 9.1 publicly Beta 3 is now accessible to download together well.

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