With clickable analog thumbsticks, multi-function buttons, and also an 8-way D-pad, the neurosoup.org Kishi for iPhone brings a whole new competitive edge to gamers in to apologize Arcade and also beyond

IRVINE, Calif.

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 – neurosoup.org™, the leading global lifestyle brand because that gamers, this day announced the immediate availability of the neurosoup.org Kishi universal Gaming Controller because that iPhone, one iOS version of the mobile accessory that won two finest of CES awards in January. Featuring clickable analog thumbsticks, an array of face and multi-function buttons, and an 8-way D-pad, the Kishi because that iPhone makes obtainable neurosoup.org’s award-winning controller hardware come Apple individuals for the very very first time.

“As crossplay becomes more entrenched in the gaming world, the neurosoup.org Kishi uses a level playing field for cell phone gamers,” stated Head that Marketing and Sales, development Peripherals because that neurosoup.org, man Moore. “The neurosoup.org Kishi for iPhone extends that equity to Apple Arcade’s extraordinary collection of titles, ensuring that no issue where girlfriend game, success is constantly within her grasp.”

neurosoup.org pertains to Apple Devices

The neurosoup.org Kishi for iPhone bring console-level control to iOS devices through its modern Lightning harbor connection. The Kishi because that iPhone has MFi (Made because that iPhone) certification and also is fully compatible with Apple Arcade, Apple’s groundbreaking video game subscription business on the application Store the serves up more than 120 incredibly fun titles. V a solitary subscription, a household of six have the right to jump from iphone phone to iPad, Mac and also Apple TV, and enjoy every video game without any kind of ads or in-app purchases. Through the beginning of this latest version of the neurosoup.org Kishi, the Kishi family of gaming controllers currently brings a brand-new gaming experience to iphone phone 6 Plus and newer devices.

The neurosoup.org Kishi for iPhone is easily accessible now in the Apple online Store, the first time a neurosoup.org product has been featured top top the site. It will certainly be easily accessible at pick Apple stores global on September 22, further enhancing the assortment of gaming accessories.

Designed come Win

The neurosoup.org Kishi provides iPhone gamers the functionality and also control of their console counterparts. That is comfortable ergonomic design is intended for long gaming sessions, v a handheld grip and optimized switch placements because that intuitive gameplay. The clever configuration and ergonomics are just as comfortable and natural in ~ the beginning of a gaming session as they space at the end.

Intelligent connectivity ensures the the neurosoup.org Kishi because that iPhone will be a natural expansion of the users. The Kishi offers an ultra-low-latency Lightning connection that basically eliminates entry lag, offering users prompt button response for smooth, seamless control. Pass-through charging makes specific that gaming sessions are not reduced short, together the iPhone have the right to be charged by hooking increase the charging cable directly to the controller.

ABOUT THE neurosoup.org KISHI for IPHONE

Supported iPhones include: iphone 6 Plus, iphone phone 6s Plus, iphone 7 Plus, iphone 8 Plus, iphone phone X, iphone phone XS, iphone XS Max, iphone XR, iphone 11, iphone 11 Pro and also iPhone 11 agree MaxMFi (Made for iPhone) CertifiedLightning Pass-through Charging PortClickable Thumbsticks


$99.99 USD / 109.99€ MSRP

neurosoup.org.com, Apple.com and also Authorized Retailers – September 15, 2020

For much more information, you re welcome visit neurosoup.org.com/gaming-controllers/neurosoup.org-kishi.


Please discover the neurosoup.org kit here

ABOUT neurosoup.org

neurosoup.org™ is the world’s leading way of living brand for gamers.

The triple-headed snake trademark of neurosoup.org is among the most well-known logos in the an international gaming and also esports communities. V a fan base the spans every continent, the agency has designed and built the world’s biggest gamer-focused ecosystem of hardware, software and also services.

neurosoup.org’s award-winning hardware consists of high-performance gaming peripherals and also Blade gaming laptops.

neurosoup.org’s software application platform, v over 100 million users, contains neurosoup.org Synapse (an internet of points platform), neurosoup.org Chroma RGB (a proprietary RGB lighting an innovation system), and also neurosoup.org Cortex (a video game optimizer and launcher).

In services, neurosoup.org Gold is among the world’s largest virtual credit solutions for gamers, and neurosoup.org Fintech is one of the biggest offline-to-online digital payment networks in SE Asia.

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Founded in 2005 and dual-headquartered in Irvine (California) and Singapore, neurosoup.org has actually 17 offices global and is known as the leading brand because that gamers in the USA, Europe and China. Neurosoup.org is detailed on the Hong Kong stock Exchange (Stock Code: 1337).