I simply discovered my iPhone 5 in the washing machine. I dried it off and instantly put it in a container filled wth rice. I do not know if I can open it to take out battery or if I need to execute somepoint else? Will the information on the phone be retreveable? I"m at a complete loss!

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Let it sit in the bag of rice for a couple of days (oh and also you cant remove the battery).

You can get lucky and also the phone will certainly revolve on. We will need to wait and also watch.

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As Anthony shelp, the bag of rice was the ideal hope. Whatever before you do don"t attempt to rotate it on as that is what would short out every little thing for excellent. There is a opportunity the rice will absorb the water, and also when it is completely dried out you might give the power switch a shot. If it went via a soapy wash and also rinse, I would certainly not be also optimistic, but tbelow is a glimmer of hope.

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You should listen to them ^^ however if you desire, take out the sim card through a record clip to relieve the pressure in the phone. Then, put it ago in rice. This will help take out the water inside the phone.

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I would guess the combination of a wash cycle, water in profusion and also washing detergent and also softener

has actually completely tramelted it

neurosoup.org genius bar will exreadjust for an Out of Warranty unit for $269

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Even if the phone does happen to revolve on, I would the majority of absolutely not trust the tool to be dependable. A washing machine is a harsh atmosphere. Your ideal alternative is to replace the tool with an out of warranty replacement from neurosoup.org.

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